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  1. After seeing countless posts about "smoking with no smell", I just had to say if you smoke weed in a room someone who walks in right after will smell it. I dont care if you blow it out the window or use a "smokebuddy" or "sploof. If you smoke in a room, it will smell. There is no magical way make the smell dissapear instantly completely. Lol spending time on apprentice tokers causes this

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    false. I've smoked and had cops show up at the worst possible timing for something unrelated, but I took precautions. I didn't use candles or incense needles/cones.. i smoked and every hit i blew i blew through a tube stuffed with dryer sheets. there was 90% dryer sheet smoke over the 10% unfiltered smoke from the bowl.
    no fans either, but the 2 windows were open for some ventilation i suppose, but i literally blew a hit, wiped my mouth off with a wipe and opened the door.
    cop didn't even say anything about smells. i guess my neighbors were fighting and their kid wandered off.
    but back to my main point, it is possible. maybe in not every scenario, given there are many factors and every situation is unique.
    I am no apprentice either, I assure you. This happened to me 5 years ago when I was 19,
    Or maybe it was a decent cop who didn't give a shit about some stoner smoking in his own place, when there was a missing kid to find.
    decent my ass. it was a small town and he was definitely not a cool cop. never smiles or anything.. kind of creepy actually
  5. Blunt power spray kills the smell instantly

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  6. I dont believe there's any fool proof way to get rid of that skunky weed stench. If you smoke some stank, it's gonna smell like stank. A smoking buddy IS helpful but its not 100%.
    BUT, if you're smoking concentrates out of a pen or even a rig, there are ways to easily mask the smell
    I've smoked my cloud pen in my room plenty of times while the whole family's around and have never been caught. All you need is some incense and maybe as a double precaution, a smoking buddy. Just light the incense first then start taking your dabs. I tend to blow the smoke towards the actual incense, because I like the idea of the smoke mixing in with that really heavy incense smell. I've gone in and out of my room after completing that process and have yet to smell anything other than incense 
  7. Thats all im sayin

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  8. Vaping and blowing through a sploof has hardly any smell other than the dryer sheets.
  9. I was in Los Angeles today & after I was done hanging out w friends I went to a dispensary to get quite a few of my favorite edibles. It was the first one I ever tried & fell in love with. I checked their website to see if they were open (some dispensaries close early on Sundays, like mine) I parked kinda far, walked to it & it was closed for maintenance. How bummed I was but I decided to find another in LA. We have a lot of dispensaries in CA. Cruised down the road & found another one, again walked kinda far went into the new dispensary w my paper Perscriptiom, walked in & it was really small. They had 2 of my favorite bite size chocolate edibles w 30mgs of THC, perfect amount in my opinion & an indica concentrate of LA Confidential. Had massive traffic due to an accident. Came home ate dinner & now I'm high off of LA Confidential, laying in bed :)

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  10. When I smoke, I blow about 70% of the smoke out the window, and then put on my fan with the window opened, never have family members known I was smoking.
  11. I used to smoke in my room all the time without stinking it up. The main thing you have to worry about is the actual bud smell and the smoke. As long as you blow ALL of the smoke outside it won't smell but even if a small amount of smoke comes in then it's gonna smell. The handle the smell emitting from my bud I would only take out a small amount in the open so it wouldn't stink up my room and I placed a fan by my door facing away from the door and to the windows so in case anyone walked in then they wouldn't smell anything cuz the fan was blowing everything away from the entrance and to the window. Just make sure no smoke stays inside and don't have your nug out in the open

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  12. you can only smoke in a room so long until it lingers 24/7. there will always be a faint smell in the carpet n shit

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