Rant on kids and weed.

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  1. I'm talking about freshman in highschool people. last year when i was a senior i would notice all these freshman who smoke. and i dont have a problem with the age, its that the people who would do it would just be complete asshole's to everybody. They would smoke in the bathrooms and not give a shit about wether they would get caught or not. they would fight people who have no interest in fighting whatsoever, and start shit whenever they can. I just think to myself all the time what a waste of weed that is going into those hopeless futures that im scared to call a human. They have no intention of doing anything good with their lives. i thought marijuana was all about peace, and nirvana. but these guys just treat their whole situation wrong.

    Sorry, had to rant.
  2. You go girl!
  3. I'm a dude. :wave:
  4. Agreed. Had a whole load of that type of kid when i was in highschool, we call them chavs over here. Kids who think it's funny to fight kids for no reason, kids who smoke weed because smoking weed is cool. Waste.
  5. buzzkill...
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    You go girl sounds better than you go dude

  7. exactly. ^
  8. I couldn't agree more, that shit pisses me off. Not to mention it makes weed look bad. Modern society judges weed on the people who smoke it, not weed itself. And it pisses me off that their stupidity outshines our "non-douchyness" so to speak.
  9. well... being from Montana in this day and age marijuana is among toddlers to kids in elementary school to kids in high school to college dudes to many adults and elders. All sorts of people toke down here but i do have to say... i have friends that make smoking weed look bad by doing actually illegal activities... and i hate it.

    Most tend to go "car hopping"... and yes this was back in my freshmen/sophmore years... Glad ive learned my lesson from my dumbass friends, i never participated in the dumb shit they would try... who the hell would go around town (Billings Montana is literally 100,000+... just a big ass town) and break into cars... just to find like Gps systems, sirius shit, $, all sorts of shit... then they dont even know what to do with it since they were all 15 and fucking retarded. :laughing:

  10. Agreed entirely, when my parents found out i smoked weed when i was about 16 or 17, they freaked out at me and had a huge rant on how they think it's terrible and the one sentence that stuck with me is "You'll end up like those screw-ups you see walking around!" and the moment i heard that i knew it was their fault it's not accepted, their fault it's so frowned upon because it's them that make the impression.
  11. i just don't like people who use weed to get "fucked up"

    and the kids that brag about how much they smoke, "yeah dude me and my buddy smoked a whole half oz in one sitting we're cool"

    idgaf, i could make that 1/2 last 2 weeks
  12. Totally agree, kids these days.
    My parents said the same thing, and now im going off to college, and im one of the few in my family who has actually gone to college. guess i proved them wrong. :smoke:

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