RANT: lets right our wrongs

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  1. Lets right our wrongs. No, I'm not talking about your personal one but if you correct them I'm happy for you. The wrongs I'm talking about are the governments. Yes, there are too many of them to list but I'm talking about the most expensive one. The drug war. The drug war is so expensive that if every American gave the government $1000 that wouldn't be enough money to fund the drug war for one year. We don't pay that much on taxes. Also if everyone in the world paid two dollars that wouldn't be enough to fund the drug war for a year. Most of the drug war money is fighting marijuana. The most useful plant in the world. 25,000 products can't be wrong. I can think of better ways to spend that drug war money. Lets right our wrongs by letting out those nonviolent stoners and have the cops look for killers instead of a pot head.

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  2. Hell, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  3. fuck todays USA! i think its fucking sad that people had to die to make and keep this country and yet it becomes a shit hole. Washington has got to be spinning in his grave. "Make what you can of that Indain Hemp and sow it everywhere."- George Washington
  4. Yeah man. And have the vibe man. Just dig it. I dunno why I'm saying this. Next time I get some, I'm saving it until band practice. I don't know where the hell my band is going to. They're awesome, and shouldn't get offended, but they just don't got the vibe man. You gotta be smooth. That's all it is. And remember it's all about the blues baby.
  5. oh my god

    Bob Villa is member #666. Ya'll know me and my superstitious self. But he has to be all good since he is from St.Louis-my husband is from there. I love that place!!!!!!

    Anyway, we lose at least one freedom per day. I loved seeing the people in Nashville storm the capital building last week since they were trying to be sneaky and squeeze a state income tax out of us. It was a small revolt but one that worked. 2 points for the people.

    I think we have all had more than enough and a revolution might be what it all comes down to in the end. People are fed up with the government here and if the powers that be are wise then they will stop screwing us out of the freedoms we were born with and start giving us back the freedoms that they have stolen from us. ;)
  6. Yeah, that was so cool that I signed up when I did. I was gonna do a few weeks b4, but its like magick or something.
  7. like how Spawn got his powers from Satan?
  8. Yes, the so-called War On Drugs.
    This is not a war on drugs, but a war on people that choose other, safer drugs than the ones currently available-alcohol and nicotine.
    This is not a war on drugs, but a war against everybody that does not fit into the Christian/Amerikan Protestant work ethic.
    This is not a war on drugs but a war on Amerika's minorities-especially the poor and people of color.

    And get one thing straight: as long as we let it go on it will. This insanity will stop ONLY when we start fighting back.

    See, when the man starts accumulating casualties in the numbers that we do, things will change.

    Probably won't happen, though...most of us are gutless, self-centered, weak sisters, and Unkle Sham knows it... :mad:

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