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Rant: kids and marijuana

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by telluride toker, Jan 28, 2004.

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  1. I\'m sick of hearing all these statistics about kids and weed.

    Kids who smoke weed are more likely to get pregnant.
    Kids who smoke weed are more likely to get in trouble.
    Kids who smoke weed are more likely to get in car accidents.

    and the list goes on. what these statistics don\'t realize is that it\'s not the weed causing these problems. Kids who smoke weed are more likely to have sex because the type of kid who smokes weed usually is more open to ideas about drugs, sex, etc. Some of the same rebellious qualities that cause a kid to try marijuana can get them to try sex. It\'s not the weed!

    For the second one, WEED IS ILLEGAL! Of course they\'re more likely to get in trouble, they have something to get in trouble FOR! It doesn\'t mean these are bad kids. This is like saying that those who are in prision are more likely to have commited a crime. DO WE NEED A NEWSFLASH FOR THIS INFO?

    Third, a kid who smokes weed is more likely to drink. Not because marijuana is a \"gateway drug,\" but because, again, the kind of kid who smokes weed is also the kind of kid who probably drinks. And what those statistics don\'t mention is that few of those drivers are actually high at the time of the accident, or are ONLY on marijuana. Most of them are either drunk or on some other drug as well, or they have marijuana in their system. Marijuana stays in your body for a month after you smoke! So if I\'m a 17 year old, and on new year\'s eve I have a joint, and three weeks later I\'m drunk (or sober) and I get in a car accident, I become part of the statistic that says \"*% of kids who get in car accidents have marijuana in their system.\"

    This is like saying \"flies cause garbage\" \"guns cause crimes\" \"cars cause accidents\" \"babies cause sex,\" etc. etc.
    Remember: \"facts\" and \"statistics\" can be phrased to help anyone, on both sides of an issue. Dig deeper.

  2. Wait a minute, i knew two couples who never had sex till they were trying to conceive... They still don\'t unless they are trying to conceive...

    That one is kind of true...

  3. No, I mean, that\'s like saying a physical baby, already conceived and out of the womb, causes sex. Maybe you\'re right, though.
  4. Some people see babies and want one enough to have sex..

    That would be the same as well..

  5. Shit. I guess you\'re right. Ah, well, scratch that one.
  6. Screw the technical shit...his basic idea is right. Good job bringing this up, because its stuff like this that prevents people from experiencing the herb.
  7. I have a 12 year old daughter who has \"tried weed\" twice or so she says. Iam pretty open with my kids I also have 2 boys and Itell them that the problem with kids smoking at an early age is , I belive, that thier priorities get out ff whack. Ive been a toker now for some 20 years and can pride myself on the fact that it has never really had an adverse affect on my life. I shoulud say my adult life Ive seved my country and raised 3 good kids who hopefully will grow up to be productive members of society. So really it lies with the parents more of them should learn to talk to and more important listen to thier kids

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