Rant! Fuck nickelodeon!

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  1. lol so im watching my nephew for my bro because he had to go work and his wife has to work overtime. he was watching "drake and josh" on nickelodeon and the lady they were taking care of took some pain pills for her eyes after surgery.

    so shes popping the pills on tv. ok.

    THEN like 2 minutes after that shes like "o0o0 boys these pain pills are making me woozy," and she started acting goofy and whatnot.

    so its ok to show kids someone popping pills and how they make you feel,


    what can we do about this? this is fucking bullshit.
  2. I feel ya, its corruption and $.
  3. lol i was just watching that shit...
    Idk its just how people have been raised and what their parents enstilled in them.. Just like if you grew up and murder was a common thing you wouldnt see any immorality in it. People just believe what they are told to believe.
  4. i hope someone (somewhat famous) rips nickelodeon a new one
  5. Did you see that iCarly episode where they're all on tweak?
  6. i think there should be a cartoon about stoners.
    Id watch it.

  7. There is...... king of hill, south park...
    they used to smoke weed.
  8. old school nickelodeon was cool..
  9. Straight up

    Angry beavers, Rocko's modern life etc.

    I used to watch those baked and they where funny not stupid like nowadays

  10. you aint shittin man those were the best shows ever when they came on about every day id watch every bit of them
  11. in my opinion most newer cartoons nowadays have gone to hell-i miss the ones i came up on
  12. after 200 disney and nickolodean went down the drain with shit. Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers,Nick having shitty shows, it all just sucks. I miss ANgry beavers and steve from blue's clues.
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    My niece watches this show, and I was watchin it with her and saw this episode.

    On that same show (drake and josh) theres an episiode were they get fake id's, and they get arrested and while in the cop car the officer answers another emergency call with them still in the back. Then somehow the guy the cop tried to arrest somehow stole the cop car (with them still in the back) and the guy who stole the car introduces himself as blaze. Oh and somewhere during all this someone mentions the police car number to be 420.
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  14. nick sucks now a days. spongebob is the only good show left and god knows some of those episodes arent aimed at children (see "Rise and Shine"). i wish they would bring back rocko's modern life and invader zim. those shows were the shit man.

    now a days its all drake and josh who i fucking hate and the fairlyodd parents which i hate even more. nick went down the shitter.
  15. I miss old nick

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bggbMckW9UM&feature=related"]YouTube - I Can't Believe You've Dropped the Screw in the Tuna[/ame]
  16. keenan n kel was the shit! who loves orange soda?? all that, rocko's, salute your shorts, hey dude, clarissa explains it all, wild n crazy kids, legend of the hidden temple, guts, what would you do... i could go on forever
  17. Kenan and kel must have smoked so many fat Jays before they went to work at Good Burger and drank orange soda.You cant tell me they wernt stoners!

  18. dam those things look dank.
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    hell yes. i could watch Roundhouse, All That, Rugrats, Rocco's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, Keenan and Kel, Doug, Weinerville, SNICK all day long
  20. I dunno how many more times I will say this


    Forgiveness please.

    I agree with you though, the cartoon these days are much more revealing than the cartoons I was raised by.

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