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Rant and a Question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickM420, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. So I have noticed that in the earlier grades in my high school, alot of kids are trying to be stoners. One year none of them smoked then all of a sudden everybody is full out bob marley, rasta, and weed. I know that maybe a fad swept by and a bunch of people loved it so not everybody is posing. But there are certain people I hate. Such as a kid who walked out of school yelling "I need to go home so I can smoke some dope!" While smiling and being serious. And another kid who got my friend busted for smoking weed and got him arrested, then is all trying to be chill with us and get weed off of us.

    Alot of school kids are way immature and get on my nerves.

    On another note, some lesbian at my school swiped some of my friends weed. :mad:


    But are there any other seniors who see kids who try to smoke because they think it will make them "popular"?

    One more question.

    This girl at my school who I am friends with has wanted to try weed, she has never smoked before, and she broke up with her boyfriend who didn't want her to smoke. So now she said she can. But she says that when she is not sober, she gets "handsy" she basically means that she gets kinda "Excited" with herself when she is drunk and worries if she gets high that she will do it. Any advice I can give her?
  2. That she may get horny as hell when high, i know i do.
  3. Who wants some fuckin REBOUND!!!!!!!

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