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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by namron_420s, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. well..whats the significance of this number? you ask...i reply, there is no significance to this number, it was merely the first thing that came to head when mentioning it in another thread...im stoned..and that means a rant..i havent ranted in awhile..well..thats simply because i havent been stoned in awhile..sad..so sad it is..because this message board looks like walls now..OH MY GOD ive had scary ass dreams the past couple nights, the other night i was fingering my ex girlfriend and then got shot in the head and spit my blood onto this guy i graduated with, his parents..and last night i had a dream that one of my friends chased me down and stabbed me in the head with a sharp ass knife..thats some scary shit...that i would finger my ex girlfriend of course..HEY MOD, ILL SAVE YOU TIME!!! SEND IT TO PANDORAHS BOX!!...simply because..look..im not trying to beat down woman or anything..but her pussy stank...yeah, sure, it was once, but that one time it was oh god smelly..like old dead ass times two plus ghetto grill with too much lighter fluid and burnt ass hair with dingleberries...THIS CONCLUDES THE PANDORAHS PARAGRAPH DESIGNED FOR PANDORAHS BOX!!!..why is this the end of naughty speak you ask? i reply, its because the misplaced genital fairy showed up...what did she ask for you ask? i reply, well, ill tell you what she asked for, but first i must tell you a story*sad music begins to play in the background* there was a woman once, and she was forced to become a whore..then got fired and decided to be the misplaced genital fairy..WHAT THE BLUE FUCKING HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT..i dunno..but maybe a better description of the MPGF woulbe be that when a guy gets drunk and pu*tire squealing noise that would occur as if a rant were to slam on its breaks, locking up its tires into a smoking circle of molten rubber*

    funny part of the rant is now

    my friend made some mead..yeah..mead the viking drink...it was damn tasty...we drank some..anywho, i went over there, to my friends house, and he was layed out in the floor laughing his ass off..and his girlfriend said hes had three glasses..i said matter of factly, \"hell, ive had a bowl\"...this is because i had had a bowl of weed!!..not a bowl of mead...i laughed ..as it was funny to me..ive typed alot..enough to the point where i can see stuff now..so im off to reply to ohter threads...to say shit..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    damn that was long time in rantsvillee..s.eemd like an angry rant...oh well..stoned..couldnt help it..bbl
  2. multiples of five are played out man, youve got to make it more random.. like.. 438 or something.. shit, i cant believe i dexed tonight.. ive been on somewhat of a low dose binge for the past few days.. its really subtle at low doses.. kind of like a cleaner, 12 hour version of being a bit drunk.. this is probably the last night, but it was pretty fucking fun while it lasted.. ive been reading up on jim morrison.. that dude is crazy.. like, you look at your life and it just inspires you.. however as of now its just inspired me to do lots of drugs :) it would be fun to be a rock star.. aerosmith never had to wash their clothes because they could just buy new ones.. and i have to wash clothes tomorrow.. there should be a pill to make you into a rock star.. youd take it and then a limo would pull up and all of these groupies would be on you and youd be all like \"wat the fuck?\" and just drive away and go do drugs and have crazy celebrity orgies or whatever it is that rock stars do.. like, i could just buy some island with a huge mansion on it and grow a million plants and noone would give a fuck because i would be famous.. id probably end up just faking my death and smoking out all day and night.. come to think of it i dont think id make the best celebrity anyway.. although if there was a pill that made you shit money id take it. someday im going to make a vest with a whole bunch of helium balloons strapped to it.. and itll be like low gravity. thats gonna be the craziest thing ever.. and ill be sure to blaze up beforehand. there should be more stoner astronauts.. i mean, NASA should do some fucking studies where they just launch stoners into space and give them lots of acid and bud.. and they should broadcast it live.. id fucking watch it. who really cares about rocks anyway? if the moon landing was fake, then the answer is NOBODY! well, besides all those geology dudes.. but i dont really like geology, so they dont count.. but yeah, im gonna go smoke a bowl, and i recommend that you do the same
  3. well..i did..now what?
  4. smoke another one.
  5. double toasty reporting for duty.
  6. \"sir, we cant hold off the zombie weasels for much longer!!\"


    *screech screech*


  7. you must tell me where this man in a rabit suit porn is..
  8. ..but that would ruin the fun of sifting through obscure porn sites looking for it!

    god damned you fucking funky ass phil

    god damned you!
  10. furry suit porn turns namron on
  11. me being the porn conniseur can tell she is indeed getting boned because her panties are pulled to the side slightly...also its not the furry suit porn..its the way shes holding the carrot..ooohh mama cook my stew.

  12. *shudder*


    ^^ guys, whatever you do dont click the link
  13. god damned you fucking funky ass phil

    god damned you!
  14. phunk funkity funk phunky phunk
  15. i will heed your warnings from now on..dear god..

  16. dude its an entire fetish.. search for \'furries\' in google and youll start to see the horror..

  17. to a furry gay weasel?
  18. woah.. somehow i managed to edit my other post instead of replying........

    drugs are bad
  19. there was a sign at our school, it read

    \"tray with food refuse in window\"

    so naturally, everyone dumped the food into the trash containers..this made a mess..then they realized the problem..the sign was supposed to read

    \"tray with food refuse, in window\"

    which means tray with food garbage, put in window...why must they try to be smart..but only be dumbasses.
  20. clearly hes given her his carrot.

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