Randomest day ever...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Little Wing, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. LONG - read for randomness

    Seriously, this day was wierd!!!

    I woke up at around 12:30 to my telephone ringing. I pick it up and 2 of my friends want to randomly go fishing. They wanted to catch fish and eat them. Never having fished before, yet totally into eating fresh animal I said ok. Unfortunately I had no nugget or ciggerettes, and figured I'd be fiending the whole day, but I went anyway. So we get there and are fishing for a while but we only caught these worthless little fish that we just threw back in...

    By the way we're fishing at the supply pond, a random hiking/pond area in my town...

    So we're there fishing and a car pulls up behind us and a guy remarkable similar to our friend X gets out and sits on his car listening to music, and smoking a ciggerette (which I desperately wanted by then). He looked so much like X that we squinted in his direciton and desided it wasn't. So we turned and fished some more, but I finally figured I'd go ask the guy for a cig... I turn and walk towards him to ask for one when to my astonishment I discover it IS X. Woah. He had also thought we were us, yet dismissed the thought much like we dismissed the thought that X was indeed X.

    So needless to say I bum a bogie and we talk to X for a while (I'm with Y and Z) and find out he had been at a party with a bunch of his old highschool teachers, and he had gotten wasted with them all, and came to the pond to just chill at. Conveniently X has a car, and me Z and y need a ride, as we were dropped off at the pond. So we get X to drive us to Z's house so he can get his money for ciggerettes.. He fronts me 5 and I get my pack of camel lights. We then decide to throw down and get a fat sack. So we get the sack and head out on an adventuress burn cruise. That sack was fat enough so were were several towns out by the time we were finished (we thought we were in a different town too...).

    So we're driving through the center of the town and much to our amazement we see a little concert going on, and parked at the concert an icecream truck. It took only a few seconds for our stoned little minds to make the connection between icecream and joy. So X parks the car, we get out and close the doors. X then reallises he left his car on, and much to his horror when he tried to get into his car to turn it off he discovers he is locked out. We are stuck many towns away, with a car that is running, yet we cant get inside.

    So we end up going tot he icecream truck, so we could level our heads (X was still pretty wasted, and we were all very stoned). When getting our icecream X asks the icecream lady if she knew triple A's number, she didn't but asked what our prediciment was. We explained how our keys were locked in and she told us we should call the fire dept., unfortunately we didnt have a phone. The icecream lady then pulls out a cell phone, dials 411 and gets the number. She then hands the phone to X. After a brief conversation he hangs the phone up and says it may take a while as there are fires they are currently putting out. We then return to the car, and I wander off and took a piss behind the local elementary school. We then returned and saw a few fire trucks drive by us with sirens on. Later we then saw them drive back to the station. A while after that a police car rolls up (we're all stoned, X is stoned and drunk, we have a pile of icecream litter and ciggerette butt liter by the car, and the car reeks of pot). So we tell the police officer the rpedicament, he gets out a device from his trunk and gets us intot he car, he then took down X's informations, and we bounced out of there.

    Not much happened after that. We drove to Z's smoked another bowl and raided his kitchen. Then I got home and wrote this.

    Excuse the errors I'm fucked up, and rambling.

    Blerh bleh.

  2. sounds like a great day :)
  3. Was pretty damn cool :D
  4. random.......

    my day has strated out pretty rando today though..... came home about 6:3o this moring with fresh bacon egg in chesse in hand, ate sandwich passed out.... woke up at 1:30.....still all kinds rocked out, so we'll see we're things go today...idk

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