random white kid from nyc dissing jay z, pretty good actually

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  1. lol the beat sounds like some old school arcade game
  2. Could use a little work in the mixing department. Voice sounds a bit muted.
  3. Pretty good for soundcloud! The vocals are pretty clear.The music is a bit monotonous but his flow seems to carry it
  4. In case yall wonderin I help promote this cats music , and I have been hearin that about the vocals. which is interesting,

    I encourage yall to DL the trck and play it on ur ipod or in ur car, It sounds really good . What kind of speakers did yall listen to it on?

    thanks for the feedback im gonna let him know the vocals kept getting noticed

    good job GC
    anything else? Much appreciated and welcomed!

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    Love the sample at the beginning, that shit is hilarious. The drums and synth definitely get a little stale, but this kids got some pretty solid flow, loving the intelligent lyrics too. Spittin some straight knowledge. I'm listening through nice in-ear monitors and the vocals are definitely lacking a little bit of high end. Sounds like you're using a dynamic mic, try EQ'ing the high frequencies up, or depending on your budget, investing in a condenser microphone. Blue Microphones Spark | Sweetwater.com You can definitely find this model for cheaper too. I've had it for a little while, awesome all purpose microphone. I've compared it to lots of different set ups and its honestly a great deal for the price. I record raps as well as other projects and it makes the vocals stand out really well in any mix. I definitely approve of your friend though, dudes got some ill rhymes :bongin:
  6. ^Thats whats up, thank u very much fam.

    grasscity yall always keep it real

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