random weed smells

Discussion in 'General' started by sirust, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Have you ever been somewhere that you should know if there is weed there or not and you know for a fact that there is no weed but get one good random whiff through your nostrils and smell dank? Then you get up and search for someone, someone that might possess weed, but no one is there. WTF!!! I'm out of bud and either my mind or someone is teasing me!
  2. lol ik the feelin
  3. Yea dude I get that a lot, I always assume someone is growing / smoking nearby.

    Makes ya wonder.
  4. Theres a spot on the way to my old house that always smells like dank, but its an open space and there are no plants or houses, I guess it must be that old sewage ganja myth
  5. it culd be a skunk lol gunzsmoke
  6. shit dude dirt its funny you would say that cos I always wondered if it was a skunk but this happened in puerto rico and as far as i know no skunks in PR
  7. ya, back in school i used to smell it all the time near this one bathroom.....
  8. maybe your just farting and your farts smell like dank :confused:. happened to me while i was at work the day after drinkin some green dragon lol.
  9. aww dude i love to hotbox my pants with dank farts.:D

  10. all day.every day.
  11. I smell dank sometimes but then I think oh well its prob just a skunk
  12. YES, since I was in high school, my front yard smells like it. I thought I was tripping out so I took my friends when ever they came over and EVERY SINGLE FRIEND said it smells like it. Curious about the smell, my friends and I looked for any signs of plants around, but was unable find any. =(
  13. Happened to me today.

    Drivin' around, headin' to Wal-Mart, windows down.

    BAM! Hit a stoplight near a gas station and was like, "Yo ma, there's some weed afoot."

    She just sighed and rolled her eyes.
  14. Yeah man i kno exactly what your talkin about, like is god playin tricks on me or somethin haha

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