Random wants us to blaze him up?

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  1. So my blazing crew and I chill out every night at this park and we've been going here forever. 2 days ago while I wasn't there, three of the crew was smoking there and some random guy walks up to them and makes some small talk. He says something along the lines of, "You guys smoking?" and they answer yes and he replies, "Smells good." and they're like nodding and silent as fuck 'cause it's awkward as hell.

    He asks, "Can I take a hit of that?" and they let him finish off the round of pipe and he peaces it afterwards. Then yesterday, while we're getting outta our cars they see him walking and inform me that that's him. We see him walk into a house like 4 houses away from the park and we're thinking, "Fuck he lives here."

    We blaze for a couple hours and our sesh is basically finished, so we're just standing around chatting and having a good time. Then I see him walk down the path towards us, this time our group is bigger with 5 people. He says, "Hi" and literally circles all the way around us and then walks back to his house.

    We're pretty irked at this point, 'cause he was obviously seeing if we were blazing to snag a hit off us. So right now we don't know how to deal with it, do we tell him off the next time he comes? or be nice and tell him we don't wanna smoke him up unless he's got throws? One of my friends was saying to just scare the shit outta him so he'd back off.

    We don't wanna stop coming to this park 'cause hey man not fair that we have to leave just 'cause he lives there. One of the reasons we come here so much is the distance from one of the crew's house, we blaze here and walk to his house after and chill.

    What should we do blades?

    TLDR; Random guy who lives by the park we blaze expects us to blaze him up, how do we deal with this?
  2. Tell him to match or no go hehehe
  3. I would blaze him up a couple times, and if he keeps coming with no money or bud to offer, tell him he needs pay or bring bud haha
  4. People make so many situations awkward today whent they don't need to be.
    Give him a hit once or twice and if he keeps comming back just tell him
    how you guys feel about him. Being straight up with people is the best
    policy. Works for me anyways, people get mad bt they get the point.
  5. basically what he said as the only way to make him back off without being a dick is to tell him to match
  6. He only asked once. How can you assume he's planning on asking to blaze all the time? Maybe he just wanted to see if you guys were smoking. If he didn't ask, don't assume he's going to. And if he does ask, I say go for it one more time. But if he's showing up and asking everytime you guys are there, then tell him to fuck off or bring $/bud.
  7. You shouldn't even ask this question, I wish a random dude would ask me to hit my pipe I don't understand how people could just smoke with random peeps I gotta at-least know you or be a mutual friend. My advice tell that guy to fuck off if hes not putting anything in
  8. If he asks again, make him tell you a story about his life or something. Get something in return. Then be like "Yo man, we come here often so if you want, you can blaze with us. All we ask is that you match or throw down some bills like the rest of us, ya dig?" or something along those lines. You'd be amazed at how many cool ass people you could meet doing that. That's how I met my gf.
  9. "Hey man, I don't know you and you can't smoke my bud"
    "hey always nice to meet a new friend , hit this"
    what do you want from usssssss
  10. If he tries swinging by again and snaggin a hit tell em to match or toss a couple bucks or some shit. Dont be trippin about it, just tell him whats good and if he starts flippin out about it tell his ass off. :smoking:
  11. Where is the fucking love? People are so stingy with their bud these days...
  12. OP, i feel like this situation only will be awkward if you make it awkward!
    just because you don't know someone yet doesn't mean they are a creep!
    i've ment some awesome and completely random strangers at concerts before, there is no need to be freaked out by him i don't think
    & i think if he keeps on coming you guys should ask him to throw down or pitch in some money, he probably won't have a problem with it! :smoke:
  13. fuck that no dro or no money then that random shouldnt be burning lol. do what you gotta do

  14. /thread
  15. smoke him up & make a new friend. if he's a leach, then tell him he needs to bring something to the party
  16. how much older?

    Just be chill - if he smoked with you he doesn't want to bring you trouble.

    Maybe you're to close to his grow bro...
  17. Maybe he just wants to be friends with other stoners
  18. Just ask him to throw down next time man! Obviously the dude smokes. Just be chill.
  19. maybe he needs a connection?
  20. find out his deal. smoke him up one more time. as somebody said before, ask him to bring something to the party, i feel like that's a friendly way to ask somebody to throw down. Even if he's a little weird, give him a chance. i mean not if he's totally weird, but sometimes people will come off as strange or you may be unsure of them at first but a lot of times it's just because they're nervous about meeting new people. keep us updated op

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