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Random Urine Analysis Guide

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Herb., Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Random Urine Analysis?

    This thread serves the purpose of exposing a method that masks chemicals in your urine, specifically THC, that many people do not know. The fact that the analysis we're speaking of is random leaves many puzzled but they are possible to pass. This is the only random urine analysis method I've ever known and sharing it with the community will, hopefully, help many.

    A random urine analysis usually occurs in the morning, leaving you are unprepared, at:

    a. Place of Education

    This is definitely a plus because the test used is going to be of poor quality and they are not permitted to watch you urinate in the cup.
    b. Place of Work
    While still a plus, the test used may support a wider variety of drugs and be of different quality depending on your place of work. I also suppose it depends where you work to determine if you will be watched but I've never encountered a business that calls for it.
    c. Place of Hospitality
    Under the assumption you are already hospitalized and must take a test then you're in a poor position. The tests you'll take will probably be premium in quality and, depending on your state, you may have to be watched for safety.

    Regardless of your location, you can easily execute the steps needed to pass the urine analysis.

    Following the steps correctly will allow you to empty dirty urine before the test but, at the same time, during the test and allow you to urinate nothing more than water into the test cup. I have had many successes with this method, as have friends and family. A memorable experience with this method was one in which I had smoked no more than a hour before randomly being subjected to a test in the morning. I passed the test and went back to the classroom - confident, "clean", and high.
  2. thanks man i go to boarding school and as much as i hope i dont get drug tested its good to know this can help alot. :hello:
  3. Nice thread +Rep

    I don't use this method though because my parents random DT me, so when I'm at school with my friend every Mon, Wed, and Fri he pee's in a bottle for me, then when I get home, I either take the test or refrigerate, the fridge will keep the urine good for like 3-5 days I think, but I just replace it every 2-3 days so I always have some just in case I get tested.
  4. interesting stuff man, really good to know. much appreciated

  5. your parents dont say anything when they see a bottle of piss in the fridge..? :p
  6. Glad to see it has already helped and interested some of you. :)
  7. Or if you're like me just keep some of this in your glove box with a hand warmer:


    ANYTIME you have a drug test you will have to drive to wherever it's at, so this will always be available.

    If they want to test me...I go to my car, get the fake piss, turn the heat up in my car and put it in my pants under my balls. Drive to the place, check the temperature gauge on it...crack the hand warmer, put it in my pocket with the piss (or take it under my dick if I can)...go in, pour the piss in, and pass.

  8. not tryin 2 be disrespectful or anything, but have you actually tryed this before?
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    Not yet, but I have talked to people on here and one friend that used it and passed.

    Trust me, I dont blame you for being skeptical. Since my job is on the line, I definitely checked around before picking this one up.

  10. nah man i was just wondering cuz im plannin 2 do the same thing:smoking:

  11. LOL then I dont blame you one bit for asking. Good luck hope it works out! This is honestly the best way to be safe, as long as you know you can a) get to your car and have time to heat it up and b) that you will be able to sneak it in. Most places dont pat you down (unless you're on probation/parole, and then they usually WATCH you do it). Just to be safe I probably will take it under my nutsac (sorry ladies) so that it stays warm, and they cant find it.

    As the saying goes...better safe than sorry lol!
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    You missed the point. This is for random urine analysis. Meaning completely random. If you take the time to read the information, it states, implies, and clarifies in many ways that you are being pulled out at random from place of work, education, or hospitality. None of which involve your car. There are plenty of agents and fake-urine kits out there that I could have made a guide about but they do not cover 'random' analysis.

    This is assuming you are being pulled to take it within' minutes due to the fact that you're being escorted to the bathroom without admittance to your car. But indeed, good to see a fellow Texas toker.
  13. It's 'random' where I work. You come in for work, they tell you you have to drug test, and then you get in your car and go to the clinic and test.

    But, if I didn't have the fake piss I would use your method. Also nice to see a fellow Texas toker :smoking:
  14. To the top!

  15. My room is in the basement, Our basement has its own kitchen, with a fridge, so I just keep it in there behind some stuff, no reason for them to be in my fridge, they have their own :D
  16. A pertinent topic to this is the quality of drug test used in a urine analysis, random or not. I mentioned this above on more then one occasion and it is rather important. Some use fake urine like water with yellow dye drops in it. This can be detected if the test has pH scales on it because piss is much more acidic than water, even at highest dilution. Another problem that you might face is a test that has temperature levels on it which will range from 80-100 fahrenheit. If you haven't warmed it to the minimum temperature on the test, which is most likely unknown, then you have obviously failed for using fake urine. Even if you're using someone else's clean urine, it needs to be warmed to avoid being caught by this feature.
  17. No disrespect to the OP, but i think everyone has heard of this method before, but it was nice to see someone explain how to talk to your boss/teacher/whatever to give you more time; Lots of people get random tests and get nervous and have no idea what to do or say. I really liked the pissing in the sink part, very clever :D. But I have tried this method and still failed twice at different jobs. :( The problems is all the water will make your pee too diluted and most tests will reflect that, which most employers see as an obvious sign and will probably make you retest (what happened to me). I don't think there is any secret piss test trick that will help for random DTs.

  18. P.S. Almost ALL tests have this now, even the most basic ones. And strapping a bag of clean pee to your inner thigh won't get it warm enough. You will just be a weirdo with a bag of piss on your leg.
  19. Exactly. Time in the microwave with hand warmers taped all around the container while being rubbed the whole way there works best.

  20. My tests don't have pH or temp, it's always the same test, but I warm it up anyways.

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