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Random tips for new stoners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weightsman, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Im high as balls so if this thread is a bad idea or alrdy posted somewheres im sorry, I wanted to create a thread full of random misc. tips for new stoners i think it would have been valuable to me when i first startedd out.

    Some of mine:

    Visine eye drops work wonders
    If you keep your bud in a grinder make sure you put the lid on when your done cause you WILL spill it when your high
    People usssually dont give a fuck just how high you are so dont text them about it or yell it out while playin the duty
    When using dealers don't give them the money and allow them to "go get the bud from a guy"unless you've dealt with them before or trusted them with a greater amount of money, believe it or not you CAN get ripped off
    Coughing only makes you a vag if the hit you took should have been done by a 12 year old
    Try not to go to mcdonalds if your high and have a ton of cash cause your bowels will be liquified
    Always have a very good hiding place for the green picked out before you drive/ride in a vehicle
    and when you think to yourself "Man i am tooo fuckin blazed right now", smoke some more :yummy:

    i think thats all ive got if you have any more tips please give them :)
  2. visine gives you eye cancer.
  3. [​IMG]

    This thread is already going kthx.
  4. That's just stupid.
  5. never toke at a park. plz
  6. Clear eyes actually works much better, IMO. However it has been years since i have touched any eye drop, have friends who use them so often that it is almost a physical addiction anymore. There vision gets hazy and eyes get irritated to all hell if they don't have some.

  7. That's batshit crazy. Totally with you dude - I was at work one day just got back off break and someone grinned at me and said "Your eyes are redder than the devils dick!" And I just laughed - I miss working there :( But yeah I don't hide it anymore - but then again I don't really have to.

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