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Random Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. My wife made me break my promise to myself to only smoke on the weekends last night. I had a few good but RANDOm thoughts come up in my head that i wanted to share here, but it was just too damn hard to type last night. I forced myself to remember them so I could post 'em up today while I'm sober for the last time until Monday morning. Now when the mood hits me this weekend, I can come back here and just reply and not have to think too damn hard on a new post.

    OK here goes......

    #1 The definition of brave in my book would be to PM Tazz11 and give him your real phone number and tell him to call you at any hour of the day collect.

    #2 The internet reminds me of CB radios back in the 70's. Does any other old farts think this as well. We all have our handles, anonymity, etc....

    #3 The definition of a yuppie hillbilly (that would be me): He drives a beat-up, wore-out pick-up to work everyday, a new John Deere tractor on the weekend, and he has a dip cup for chewing Copenhagen tobacco in his wifes Volvo.

    #4 What does the moon look like where you live at right now? (this is the science part of my brain rolling here) There are so many people from around the globe heer that I was wondering the other night is the moon in the same phase for everyone at the same time? I know I can probably go to an astronomy site or mathmatically figure this out, but I would rather figure this out by having people from all over the globe post up at what time the moon rises and what phase (full, new, waxing, waning) at teh location they live in. I ahd a full moon the night before last and was wondering if (for example) does critter in Australia have a full moon as well as the guys from Netherlands and British Columbia?

    Alright, that's enough of my thoughts. Now when I get stoned again I can come back here and discuss them to my hearts content.
  2. Shit, I forgot, I had one more.....

    #5 the power of punctuation. My son came home from school a couple weeks ago with an assignment. He had to take 100 objects to school in a bag to learn the decimal system, i.e. 10 piles of 10 objects. He wrote down the assignment as "100, different things" rather than "100 different, things" He asid that he had to put 100 different things in a bag. Well we go to school with him for a PTO conference and start looking at the bags. Everyone except my son had bags filled with 100 crayons, 100 marbles, 100 baseball cards, etc....

    My son had a bag filled with 1 crayon, 1 marble, 1 baseball card, 1 paper clip.... up to 100 'different' things. The teacher said you never know what kind of thoughts goes through a childs head and this is why my son is the top kid in his grade.
  3. I meant the comment about Tazz in a nice way..... He's the only poster on this board that posts at any hour of he day. While the rests of us are safe and sound in slumberland he's here typing away. So by giving him your number, he may call you up late one night when your sleeping and wake you up. And then call the next morning and then the next time at noon etc. Him calling you would be totally random, But it would be enjoyable talking to me no attention, hungover......

    I saw the moon last night in the high in the SW sky and it was waning. too many clouds when I went to bed, but clear when I pulled an Elvis (ie go to the bathroom in the middle of the night)

    milk comes from tits, and cows got nice tits!

    I ran over a biker when I was 22 yrs old. I went to turn into a gas station about ten oclock at night to get some more beer and didn't see him. He had no license, no headlight, no helmet, no shirt, and no shoes, just a pair of cutoff jeans on. He laid it on its side and slid into the passenger door, pretty bruised up and scraped but nothing to bad. Never saw him in the darkness, but still feel ba dabout it 15 years later because he got a ticket from the cops for no license while they were putting him in the ambulance.
  4. I'm going to add some animals to my wackadoo zoo here at the farm. Check out this link and give me some input on which critters to get.

    With all these damn cats running around and wild dingos/blue heelers I need some birds that are pretty tough and about half wild. I'm thinking about a couple dozen guinea hens or some peahens and peacocks. That would be cool to sit around on the porch smoking up and seeing your vary own peacock strutting around or hearing that shreik of a guinea hen. I would really like a big mean-ass fighting cock, but I don't want any other chickens to take care of.

    Only a freaking hillbilly would ask for help in mail order poultry. *LOL*
  5. Ohh yeah peackocks WOULD be cool to have around! I hear they're not wimpy animals at all either, so they should be able to handle your psycho cat.

    Random thought for the day for me: What the hell is going on in MY psycho cat's mind? He is so odd. Curlin up on my lap one minute, then tearing around the room @ breakneck speed, then lands right into my lap, purring and curlin up again, only to repeat process 5 minutes later. I can't find any of his toys (he hides them all around the house) to keep him away from ME because every time he lands in my lap he usually bites me a few times before settlin' down.

    I would love to have more animals but this is a small 2bedroom apt, and I am not sure what goes well with a disgruntled psycho cat - fish? would they be terrorized? i know a bird would!
  6. Animals can bring such pleasure to our souls! We have quite the menagerie....2 Dogs,2 Cats, a Hampster, and my favorite, a Ferret ! She is so funny to wacth when stoned!! Plays with all the other critters, her and the Cats are Hilarious! One good advantage to having outside birds is that besides being really cool to watch and listen to, they are excellant at keeping snakes away from your place!!!! Rooooll On
  7. I used to do some work for a livestock vet up the road. He had a beautiful little office out in the country with all the stray cats and dogs that showed up. He also had peacocks.

    I was out replacing a barn roof for him. The male peacock was following the female around. She was about to come into season because he had his tail spread out to full array. He was letting go with these powerful calls. He had his head up, chest out, walking tall and feeling good! He tailed her around all day long!

    The weather shut me down so I was'nt back out there for about a month and a half. When I did get back, this sick looking peacock came around the corner. He had lost almost all of his tail feathers, was skulking around, and would'nt stay out in the open at all. I asked the vet if that was the same bird I had seen before. When he said yes, I asked him what had happened to him. He pointed around the corner. Following him, about 20 ft. back, was the female and 10 chicks! The noise she was making sounded just like she was badgering him to watch the kids while she went shopping! This male was the picture of apathy! He could'nt go anywhere with out the wife and kids following him!

    I think all bachelors should go witness the male peacock and his trials before they get married!:)
  8. ;( my cat died about three weeks ago it sucked he was only 6 but he had lymph node cancer oh well cant cry over it now.... wait yes i can *continues to cry uncontrollably* ok done.

  9. Damn right! We are hard to contain.

    OK enough about freaking birds! I'm going to get a 15 guinea heans running wild in the fence row behind me.

    I love sissy spacek in "Coalminer's Daughter"
  10. Sometimes it is really fun to just read the first and last post on a subject. You wonder... "What the Fuck?" and THEN read the whole thing.
  11. ring !ring !ring!hello you have a collect call from tazz11 would you except the call ! high dudes cool to talk to you in real life this is great! whats up sorry i woke you up at 3:00 but i am stoned and if it happens again i'll try to call after you get some weed in you so you'll quite screaming in my ear dudes well i am not sleeping as you well know by now ! hold on the oprerater just told me its time to light a nother joint or she cut me off ! we 've been dateing over phone sex for years lol shes hot and the calls are free ! she calles me all the time night and day but i got someone now to talk to and its you hahaha,well when you got a dime call me i am in the book ! and i have two phone lines but i havent used the phone in the longist time .i real dont like phones the ringing at night and people calling all hours of the night just to shot the shit where do they come from mars !lol latter dudes i got to call some now they'll be smokeing alot about now ,and its in the after noon in china ! great its the only way i could find some one awake to call the other side of the earth it works for me!lol good luck and dont just lay there for a hour next time leting in ring and hopeing i'll go away lol i am tazz11 i know these things lol latter dudes ,good luck tazz11 click !
  12. I am going to get everybody's phone #'s and give them to Tazz. Between him and I nobody will get any sleep. I 'll call just to say hello and good by. I won't waste much of your time!!

    I know it had to be hard for you to have straight thoughts BPP. It's good that the STML hasn't effected your random thoughts.

    G'day all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I get the most random and craziest ideas when I'm stoned. In real and sober life I amvery good at reading situations, problems and people, but when stoned, I sometimes go into subliminal thinking, ie can tell you what target group a specific commercial on TV is aimed for, pick apart ads and can come up with a better idea, etc.... But all inside my own head. I can get quiet as a church mouse but carry on 4 or 5 conversations with myself inside my head.

    One time my wife asked me to be not so quiet and tell her what I was thinking. after about five minutes of nonstop rattling about some miniscule detail, she started rolling her eyes and told me to go back to being quiet. Times like these are when I get in the mood to talk with Tazz.

    Just my luck, this crazy post is number 420 for me!
  14. Didn't your wife already catch you giving out the telly #????
    LOL. Anyway, I PM Tazz often, ask about his vettes, there really cool. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!!!!! nate.
  15. She caught me typing it but before I could post it up.
  16. ring! ring! ring! its after 2:45 wake up call people ! what the hells up dudes ! has granny been in the stash or growing it out back ! or down under! I SAW HER SETTING IN the chair out in the back yard she wasnt sleeping, she was fireing up a fatty dudes!i was working on a roof and walked up on these old lady 70+ years old and she was smokeing a joint when she seen me right be side the chair the old bat trys to eat it! to hot she spits it out i laugh so hard i rolled on the ground she started laughing to next thing you know she's bakeing me ginger snaps with weed in them ,how good can life get !before i left i ask her if she had more smoke becuase we had smoke about 8 joints in two hours,she said if i could get them to grow better i would have more and she showed me 5 plants behind the burn10- 14 ft high! i still laugh ,i dont know where i am ever going to find a stoner like her to smoke and laugh with but you guys are just a ring away ! LOL as the smoke rise from my joint to hit the celing of my mind !

    WTF is thaat ringing noise???!!! Jesus Crist its 2;30 in the gaoddamn morning and the phone is fucking ringing Oh shit who is is this.

    OmI GOD, a freaking collect call!!!!!????? Hell yeah I'll except tha call and see who thfuck calls me >>>

    Oh my god its that crazy guy from grasscity.. I fucjked up royally this time this time>>>..

    But serioisly give me a call anytime.

    (xxx) xxx-xxxx

    WARNING !!! DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER!!! ITS THE STATE OF ALABAMA BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION NARCOTICS OPERATIONS AND INVESTIGATIONS....... they will trace the call and come and get you... I'm serious... so don't blame me if you get arrested... WARNING COMPLETE!!!!!!

    ( edit note: decided to take the phone # down because I knew one of you crazy bastards will call it and I don't want to feel guilty.)
  18. Oh wait!!!!! maybe that is my real phone number??? and i'm really high and just got confused

    or maybe just a fisherman seeing if any hungry fishare nibbling my crickets??????

  19. I'm the exact opposite usually, when we are in the car everyone turns up the music really loud so I can't talk over it. *lol*

    I often feel the need to share every random idea I have.
  20. Here;s an example:

    Where the fuck is Osama Bin Laden???????

    We got every soldier sailor, airman, marine, cost guard, national guard, air reerve, police man, cop, trooper, detective, traffic cop, criossing guard, retired cop, Amrerican legion, AMvets club, moose lodge, elks lodge, ROTC, Jrotc, jr. high marching band, varsity cheerleader squad, webmaster, trade union, biokers club, prison guard, street cleaners, pothole filler, bag lady, kinder garten teacher, cherry picker, bull dozer operator, bald headed pony tailed okie, light bulb changer, dude picking up trash on the side of the road in an orange vest, and not but last least the hound dogs that chased Paul Newman in 'Cool hand Luke"

    and we still can't find him.

    WTF is going on? Did they forget to turn the camera son them satelites that take picture where they can read your newspaper from outerspace???

    I mean it ought to be easy to see him. He's only six foot five with a turban taking him up close to seven feet tall, and his kidneys don't work and he has to have dialysis and he only travels with a group of 25 or 30 machine gunned armed guarsd and no telling how many wives and kids, and dogs and such..

    Seems like he should stick out like a pink pig in a pen full of black shit doesn't it?

    But they still can't find him.

    I'm fucking clueless to WTF they are thinking up there in DC.

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