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  1. wow.....mostly whata weekend full of surprises. i now posess a really cool compound crossbow..bought for ma man BUT who knew a manyly man needed just the compound part :rolleyes: somthing about too easy,for handicapped people, for girls,...blah,blah,blah...well it just so happens in our state you DONT have to be a girls or handicapped BUT....once this info came out i gots me a really cool bow.um 175 lbs of pull to get that baby loaded, an my foot barley reaches the footthing to pull it....but i did it, then hit a freakin dead on bullsEYE! now if someone can come watch my kids so i can go hunting. it would be greatly appreaciated....lets see, we met some realllly cool men this weekend, one of which i thought( for a minute) might have been our fine southern gentleman mr. p .THE GUY LOOKED JUST LIKE VINCE GILLS STEPBROTHER!!!!!!! but of course he wasnt. it was a goood weekend.oooooooh i forgot. how do you know if someones your TRUE< true friend?......
    let your secondgrader come home with a note and headlice.... have yourself some really long hair, if you have a friend who INSISTS on comming over and getting alllllll in your hair for hours to helpya out. thats a true friend...lice :eek:
    i love ya T.
    hhhhm.an we decided to get the kids a gocart for christmas...sounds like a fun toy.:) dont tellem.
    peace an hugs
  2. Many years ago, my brother was getting married to a fine girl from a good hillbilly family. The night before the wedding and after the rehearsal dinner, the bride and her girls/bridesmaid/flower girls went off to a cabin in the woods to get ready for the wedding. They had to clean the flower girls up and all get the hair/nails done. Right before the grooms party took off to get good hillbilly drunk, we get a call from the bride. The flower girls had lice and all the brides'party had got infested to. So me and my brother start calling around at 10:00 at night for delouse chemicals. We find some at a Wal-Mart 75 miles away. Off we go, him freaking out about the wedding and stuff, me drinking and teasing him. We get there and buy the store out of anti-lice stuff. As we walk out the door of wal Mart, I look at the watch and see its a little after midnight. With a wink in my eye, and a few beers in me I say " You Know Bro, some guys spend their last night of freedom, drinking, and dancing and screwing whores. But you, you got to get them damn bugs out of your wife's hair!"

    You know, that's the last time me and my brother ever got into a fistfight!
  3. i thank you both those were true storys of wise and teer! i have no story that comes to mind about these little buggers! but i cant help but thank you both for shareing with me these pages of your past!i found them rewarding to read and a fine touch of humon kindness ,thank you both tazz11
  4. *scratch*
    smiles at mr puffs story
    *scratches again*

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