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Random thoughts, rants, and quirks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I started the morning pissed off and it hasn't been any betterall day. Here's why:

    I saw a report on TV that said relatives of 9-11 victims were suing the airlines and the port authority of NY/NJ. I'm sorry they lost loved ones in the attack on WTC but its not the airlines fault nor the Port Authority. Its Al Queda and the terrorists fault for the deaths, not the airlines because they sold tickets to the terrorists and it damn well isn't the Port Authority for not designing a building to withstand the deliberate impact of a plane. The government has offered compensation to the victims and some damn lawyer somewhere convinced these people to sue for more.

    The Patriot Act, also known as the next coming of fascism to the USA. But the scary part is there is a offshoot of this law that is being introduced called the Victory Act, which in nutshell says that the war on drugs is a war on terrorism and that anyone involved in manner with drugs is a terrorist of the USA. Keep an eye on this bill, if it passes it will spell the end of Grasscity.

    8 oz. Coca cola glass bottles come with a city and state imprinted on the bottem just like the old days. Used to be the bottles were printed to know where they came from and where they were supposed to go back to to be refilled. An old habit has been passed down to me that I can't break. I won't drink out of a yankee bottle . If it says NYC, Boston, Philly, etc. I'll keep on looking for a Atlanta, Charlotte, New Orleans, Birmingham, etc. Just my quirk along with people driving down the road with their nasty feet stuck up on the dash or out the window.

    We have had two wars within the last two years and haven't accomplished a single goal. Osama Bin Laden is still free and today he has called for more strikes against the USA, Saddam Hussein is still running around, and NOT A SINGLE WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION has been found in Iraq. At least the US Army could plant a WMD in a base like how the police drop a gun here when they shoot an unarmed man. And then "claim" he tried to shoot an officer.
  2. All i can say is, "True. True."
  3. The worst thing about the 9/11 victims is that the average person has already got well over 1 million dollars in money from americans like us. Greedy, greedy bastards.
  4. IMHO you have every right to be pissed Poppa..

    When I saw the news this morning, I got pissed my self.. Those people were offered an average of 1.4 million dollars... I agree that there wasn't anything the airlines or the plane builders could do...

    Next they will be suing the families of the pilots, saying they should have done something different..

    The politicians will do anything to say the hard working tax payers are terrorist. I for one pay in way to much on taxes for them ass holes to take even more from me...

    When will they learn????

  5. The one woman who got me mad was a widow of a firefighter, She said her husband had been murdered, the Port Authority built a dangerous building that they could have foreseen it falling down, and she wanted someone to pay (not necessarliy $) for her grievences.

    I really do expect someone to pay for the 9/11. That would Osama Bin Laden. It was him and his followers that are 100% responsible for 9/11.

    And that smiling bastard is still alive after the billions Bush has spent to go after him.
  6. I'm angry about the mix of power and impotence present in our country. We run all over the world and take over countries in the name of stopping terrorism, and still can't find the people we're looking for. I, too, am amazed that the Gov't didnt' at least plant a WMD in Iraq. IMO, this means that they seriously never even considered there not being any WMDs there. If they knew there weren't any, then we would have shipped some across with the first wave of soldiers.

    The Patriot Act pisses me off. It already defines half of what I do for entertainment as terrorism since anything that's against the law is now a terrorist act. I can't drive fast. I can't drink beer. I can't smoke pot. The Victory Act will make it that much easier to prosecute casual smokers as terrorists. I am angered and seriously worried about the power that the government is giving itself in my name without my consent. When do I get a say about the laws? I told my mom about the Patriot Act and what it effectively does and she's like, "Oh well, we live here and now that's the law." It's that kind of blind complacency that our gov't has been spending years pounding into people. I would seriously like to see our gov't overthrown and rebuilt with the laws rewritten to avoid bullshit. My brother and I would like to do something about it, but so far haven't figured out anything that would not get us labeled as terrorists. I do not want to go blindly into a fate where I'm controlled completely by a government that's supposed to be here for me, not to watch me with suspicion.

    I'm gonna jump subjects, but those greedy bastards don't deserve another penny. I'm sorry they lost family members. It was a terrible tragedy. I don't understand the loss they've had. But you can't blame everyone for things there is no control over just to keep getting more money for the rest of your life. How many soldiers have we lost over seas fighting this war on terrorism which was spurred by the tragedy of 9/11/01? What kind of measly package are those soldiers' families getting for them to pay the ultimate price to do their duty for our country and the tyrants that run it with the consent of other tyrants? I think the 9/11 fund should be split to include all those brave soldiers who obeyed their Commander in Cheif and went off to fight war and search for Osama bin Laden. Currently, the money we offer to families of deceased soldiers is sickening. I don't remember the figures, but it's an insult to memory of the soldiers that their families aren't better provided for.

    I'm gonna stop here, because I'm sick and I've been ranting so long that my head is killing me. I need to go ease some of this tension.
  7. Thanks IW, that was a good rant.

    I left out a rant the other day. The RIAA going after downloaders for copyright infringement. The damn music industry is at a loss with the leap technology has made over them and is doing everything they can to maintain the statuis quo. I hope everyone in the USA downloads everything and bankrupts out the music industry.
  8. If you think the Patriot Act is bad, then you don't wanna hear about the Patriot Act II (I think that's what it's called).. Read Cannabis Culture #44 (last issue) for more info. I'm really glad I live in such a democratic country. Phew.. Canada rules! :D
  9. Guys you are brainwashed by America. America doesnt give a fuck about terroists they care about the economy. If anything 9-11 was a blessing for America because now everyone has an American Flag on the doorstep and listen and belive every fucking word that comes from the media. Dont you see it when you goto the store and walk down the side of the street you or at least I see drones living in a society isnt stepping forward but stepping backwards...

  10. damn, that's the fifth thing you've said today that I completely agree with

    my hero!!! (that doesn't happen a lot)

    but why aren't you talking about the full moon?
  11. The RIAA pisses me off, too, but I won't really get into that. In 2001, I think it was, Offspring was named the most downloaded band of the year. They said that they believed that the downloads actually helped their record sales rather than hurt them. We need more artists like these who will say it's not that bad. Damn greedy recordind execs.
  12. dangerous times.


    facists. :mad:

    ps... fuckin lawyer leaches.

  13. don't you mean "sheep shaggin scots" not "skirt wearing scots" The kilt is to keep the sheep warm during lovemaking. :D
  14. ROFL I can't wait to see what dig has to say.
  15. meh. say whatever you want.

    be advised tho.... i come from the part of Scotland that really isnt that keen on skirt wearing. far too windy (not to mention cold!). and it was barely twathree (local word) hundred years ago that this little group of islands were norweigen not scottish. mibies yas should start callin me a viking like the rest of my scottish friends do. :p

    you can say whaaateeeeever you like to me about scots, orcadians, or whichever group you like.... i'm not patriotic. i wont start thumping my chest waving a fist in the air. :p

    bwahahaha. :D

  16. Notice everyone how Digit jumped right out and denied wearing of kilts but didn't say a word about shagging sheep. Maybe he can't deny that part of the statement. :D
  17. Good catch poppa. I guess he doesn't care about keeping them sheep warm while he's going at it.

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