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random thoughts quotes and philosophies

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sWmEoEkDeESU, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. in this thread u can post just as the title says any random thoughts quotes or philosophies....

    "its about the journey not the destination"
  2. "sometimes the darkest moments are the brightest ones" (redlightsflash)
  3. "not every moment rules" - chris mosure(i think)
    "only users lose drugs"- Cotton mouth kings
  4. they have a whole forum devoted to this stuff
  5. same shit, different asshole
  6. one of my most used excuses "shit happens"
    or "lifes a bitch..then you marry one or die" (no offense to anyone if they think that sexist)
  7. i was high and kinda lazy to look for any forums like this sorry but post on its easier access to be in one forum lol
  8. "when the power of love over comes the love of power then the world will know peace"

    "losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding the truth"

    study epistimology...its fuckin crazy
  9. Sounds like epistimology ^ is the study of intentionally confusing phrases that are simple in meaning.

    That is correct, no?

    Full of antitheses.... but I like the 2nd quote.. very true.
  10. "Mids don't get you high, they get you retarded." -a person

  11. the 2nd quote has nothing to do with epistemology i just saw it on the side of a drink i bought and i liked it so i took a picture with my phone...and the first one i think is jimi hendrix

    epistemology is the study of knowlege and how we know what we know

    like, you dont know that what people are telling you is true...your perception of everything could always be wrong and you dont know

    heres a basic example of epistemology "At the simplest level, only people who know they do not know everything will be curious enough to find things out."

    or one you probably know..."i think therefore i am"

    these simple quotes can have you thinking forever..

    i can talk about this shit for the rest of my life but im gonna stop now
  12. "don't push the river, it flows" - someone famous i think..pretty random..
  13. So what if you'd love to rule the world and enslave the rest of mankind?

    This is why "ignorance is bliss"

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