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    First time posting in this section. Thought I add a little something. Would love to hear some of your thoughts. :)

    Black and Blue Consciousness

    All that I am is just a receptor
    I recycle everything I ever heard/seen/experienced outward
    In a way,You could almost call me a thief
    I reverberate everything I ever known to fit my own personal agenda
    I'm definitely brain washed to some degree
    take out the propaganda, subliminal undertones and hate think
    what's left?
    I think what's remaining are MY thoughts?
    A Black and Blue consciousness
    aware but barely cognitive
    It's just one of those things
    if one of us doesn't leave on two legs, one of us is leaving on a stretcher
    Might as well walk up to me and say "I'm gonna kill you now(please don't be pissed)
    Send me a coupon for a pack of cigarettes in the mail
    A Lifetime later I'll say "Oh,I've been smoking these FOR YEARRSS!
  2. First half is bomb!
  3. check this out, you'll find Link battling demons in black and blue

    https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/hose/videos/The Burning Bush.wmv

    And a little background:

    I don't claim to have the ultimate answers of the universe, of molecular suffering and the ultimate expansions and contractions of matter. Recently, I ate some really tainted food and suddenly fell extremely ill, perhaps into the worst pain of my life. I fell to my knees like the mangiest, wettest and most flippant, incessant of dogs and entered a world of pain. I didn't know who I was, or even where I was (or what gender I was). I was a nightmarish scenario, in some sense, of all people. It was an ego-loss experience in the realm of pain. There were moments of lucidity interspersed with it, but it was a pure cosmic raping. The Mother crushed me in her teeth, I was repeatedly smashed and hammered. I definitely cried out loud, almost electronically, probably terrifying anybody in the vicinity to the bones. This was perhaps a lesson for life. The vortex of pain was like infinite molecular beds and their bedposts, all vulnerable and naked to the twisting and configurations of pain. Not a single niche in the entire universe to hide. I couldn't believe it was real. These were very primitive and basic thoughts that cannot even be put into words. Logic could not triumph. It was a true psychedelic experience, of pain.
    When I was a very young child, I had, completely natural, endogenously produced such vortex experiences, of the universes' expansion and contraction, of being at the base and then at the apex, of incredible noise and peaceful stillness, of distality and proximity. This recent experience was--clearly--much more painful. With no disrespect to actual injury and, God forbid, death, I think "hurt locker" and place of "ultimate pain" for lack of a more accurate term, might describe the place I most unwittingly was forced to visit.
    "It" was trying to understand itself but there was no logic to be found. Perhaps underlying mechanics of the sentient nervous system were being implicated here. I'm not going to talk about it too much, like how much the development of the embryonic nervous system, and the pineal gland at 49 days, etc., frightens me, or how much cooking fava beans frightens me because I see little embryonic nervous systems at the cusp of 49 days... Anyways, the experience was overwhelming after overwhelming. I felt the fire of yellow, orange, red, blue. I was pure cosmic color, color was pure cosmic pain in all its shape and incarnation. It wasn't a psychically insane psychedelic experience of a simulated death void ego-loss funnel--it WAS pain itself. There was no awareness other than pure pain and pure color. It's quite hard to describe.
    Obviously, I vomited, and my heart, nervous system, circulatory system, etc. was thoroughly taxed and attacked.
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