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random thought....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dragonkush, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. hate it when your high and people still ask u do shiet when youre impaired....good thing i control the weed.. the weed doesnt control i know why stupid shit happens sometimes :devious::devious:
  2. I can do everything high that I can do sober
  3. same here.... but at times u just want to enjoy the high... but someother shit comes up....
  4. I control it to a point, but at times I give up control to it (say edibles), I've little choice.

    Though I will say on the subject topic;
    I get those sometimes.

    Also with you OP on having to do stuff, it's a time when I don't need to be responsible for much more than my own relaxation. I don't need to be dealing with shit high.
  5. That's why you become a boss, you don't get told what to do.
  6. its almost like when this happens
    and youre like wtf? dont tell me what to do bitch
  7. ^^^^^^ lol!!
  8. [quote name='"h i g h"']its almost like when this happens

    and youre like wtf? dont tell me what to do bitch[/quote]




    Like stfu woman I bought the strategy guide for a reason

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