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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Jamman420, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. "Does smoking a cigarette after smoking weed get you higher?" is like asking "which came first the chicken or the egg?"

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  2. Iv always heard nicotine can increase your high. But if its true or not idk lol

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  3. It may increase your buzz for a few minutes. If nicotine gives you a feeling of satisfaction and well being then smoking it with pot would intensify that but smoking cigarettes is committing suicide, it just takes a while. If you smoke cigarettes you should quit, if you don't then don't start for a momentary buzz. Your life depends on it.
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  4. For years us Euros, have been mixing our ciggs with weed(Hash) I heard it comes from the empire days but for us in Russia, tabacco was illegal for many years so smokers mixed in hemp also fungi actally anything ...lol

    Once I moved to the UK I was shocked to see many peeps mixing their weed to cigs, indeed weed laced tobacco does get further into the brain(just google) and thats my problem as that I got to like that shot in the brain
    I don't smoke ciggs now but I do miss the spliff, for weed tokers it can be extra difficult to quit

    be warned
  5. I chuff my ecig after a bong there's some extra pleasure there that's not there before the bong not sure what exactly never give it a thort lol... here in the UK not so many years ago we only used to be able to get hash/soapbar more than weed.. so smoking a joint we had to use tobacco.. I quit tobacco n really miss this baccy joints..

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  6. The extra rush that you get from an after ciggy bong is attributed to the lack of oxygen to the brain, makes you feel kind of spinny and a bit sick. Same with mixing baccy and weed and hitting bongs of it. Will give you an extra rush, though I find it nauseating and discusting.

    The only people that get pleasure from nicotine are those who are addicted to it. Otherwise its poison, and your body tells you so in that it makes you cough, dizzy and a bit ill.

    Having said that I am a serious nicotine addict, thankfully I found vaping a couple of years ago (saved my life IMO)

    Don't smoke nicotine, it will ruin your life! Trust me, I know too well.
  7. Very clever of Russia, the rest of the world would benefit from banning baccy.

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