random rolling paper ?!:S

Discussion in 'General' started by chronikk, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. i jsut go through my cd case... where i usually hide shit .. and i just found a random zig zag ... and its like a company that i have never had before and never heard of .. its BOLLORE and thee is a rocket design on it .. where the fuck did this come from .. and i found a dime bag with some good looking buds.... talk about randomness .... i was really high yesterday but no one came over and i never left the house where the fuck did this come from .??? well free weed so im ganna smoke it up haha :smoking::smoking:
  2. parents? lol
  3. nah ma parents are 100% against smoking they wouldnt GIVE me weed haha i wish they did tho

  4. It's all mine, give it back.
  5. haha thaz funny .. too bad half of it is in deposited in my lungs haha im ganna smoke the othe half up with someone .. dunno hu tho everyones at skewl......but ill find sum1 no worries haha

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