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  1. around here there isnt much to do so we usually go camping or hiking for days at a time. along with this we usually end up fishing. i was just wondering if anyone knew what naturally occured in nature that attracts fish like power bait does? does it just smell like bugs or what the hells going on? or was it just experimented with untill fish ate it?
  2. First off, this is real life storys man, so its the wrong place for this.

    Secondly, Fish are attracted to most lures etc, by the vibrations they send through the water. Every time a spoon spins etc it sends out vibrations which the fish sense and head over to check it out in hopes its a bug or something that landed in the water.

    Fish dont just randomly swim around when they are hungry however. Im assuming your talking about Trout since you mentioned powerbait. Trout are a pretty intelligent fish so they know how rivers/lakes are formed and sit in the spots where water runoffs may run into the lake. Or a overlying branch over a river where insects are bound to fall off. Also the underside of a waterfall can be a great spot. These things are called structure and fish love it. Fish hate being in a big open place. Ok that really didnt have much to do with your question but basically, the smell of powerbait as far as I'm concerned doesnt do much. I rarely use it myself since I find it so boring i'd rather use a spoon or spinner.
  3. Most fish don't, Walleye seem to like deep open water. as to your powerbait question, I have no idea, Stink bait smells rancid, so i doubt that comes from the wild. And powerbait works good, jigging for smallies.

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