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  1. how big does a plant have to be before it could make a reasonable ammount of hash? how big of a plant would be need to make only a gram or so?
  2. how bout a differant question then how old does a plant have to be before it had any form of thc that can be extracted? does it produce any thc whatsoever in the veg state?
  3. As big as possible. ;)
  4. of course as big as possible is better but how small is big enough?
  5. ive only made hash out of trim but id imagine it would take about 3-4 grams to make a gram of hash again this is just a guess but im sure its a very close guess at that.

    For your second question I cant determine that because different strains mature at different rates but there isnt any thc on a vegging plant:rolleyes:. Just be patient or your will ruin what could have been a nice plant if you dont wait it out... its worth it, i mean if you dont wait it out its worthless cuz there is no thc:p besides plants usually double in size when they flower.:smoking:
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    The plant can be a low growing and produce alot of hash.

    The plant produces THC and thats where you get the hash from.

    You would need 5 grams of weed/leaves/steams etc from a plant that produces 20% thc to get 1 gram of hash if it was 100% successfully extracted

    If a gas can holds 2 gallons of gas but there is only one gallon contained in it, when you empty the gas can your only going to get up to the amount that what was in it :bongin:

    THC is produced after the plant is flowering and that can take anywhere from 2+ weeks in the flowering cycle not the veg cycle :bongin:

    The longer the plant is allowed to flower the more THC it will produce up to the plants THC genetics will allow :bongin:

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