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  1. Did anybody here ever grow a plant with no nutes just All purpose soil or ceap soil and just a few cfls? Share your experiences .
  2. No nutes at all? no, the plant will die. It can't grow from nothing, it needs building-block nutrients. Just like you -- can you go from a baby to an adult without ever having any nutrition?

  3. How can you say something so ignorant.
    Long before people learned to add nutes, marijuana plants used to grow in dirt with nothing but water and sunlight and I'm talking about good quality weed.
    Nutes just makes the process faster and beneficial. You can't just say the plant is gonna Die.

    I'm growing with no nutes and my plant growing fine.
  4. no nutes means nothing for the plant to feed on.
    no bottled nutes does not mean no nutes.
    anything that qualifies as soil always contains nutes.

    and yes, lots of people do it. store-bought potting soil usually isnt perfect though, making your own organic soil can be a lot better.
  5. Yes a good soild will contain all the nutes needed.
    In my opinion bud taste way better when you grow wit no nutes. Yes even thoo ya flush the plant.

  6. I disagree. I prefer the taste of bud over the taste of no bud.

  7. this made me chuckle.

  8. Because a plant in "dirt" as you say has the room for the roots to go searching for new nutes once its used them close by, if its in a pot with a few cfl's the plant doesn't have that option and once everything is used up in the soil it can't go looking for more coz its in a pot so its upto you to give it more :S
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    Toasty is pretty knowlegable and you are displaying ignorance by insulting his/her answer when its a correct one.

    Toasty is assuming that you are growing in a pot since you said soil. Soil has a finite amount of nutrients. Its like say you had a jug of water that is 1/4 vinegar. If you used some of the water added more to the jug and kept doing that you would eventually have all water correct?

    Soil in a pot is like that. The plant itself consumes nutrients. Cannabis's root system is like a fine mesh and after a while most of the soil will have them in it. The very act of watering a plant flushes nutrients out as well. All that water that comes out of the pot your stripping material that is in the soil. Hence why alot of cannabis growers "flush" there soil for a while before harvest.

    Your statement is also ignorant if you were to apply this outside as well. In the past famers particularly in the Southern US who grew cotton would grow it then find after a few years the soil was not capable of sustaining any plants. George Washington Carver who was one of the nations leading people in Agriculture particularly peanuts is credited with saving the south. He suggested crop rotations and tilling the soil with the harvested plants as one way to revitalize the soil.

    Even Mother Earth runs out of nutrients. A plant in a given location will consume whats available around it and it does what any plant does it grows so it obtain more. It keeps doing that till it dies.

    In a pot the resources are finite so there is a point where you will run out. In your particular case you may not have because the soil may be rich in it. Eventually though your plant will absorb them all and you will start to have "nute" deficiencies. There expressed in odd colorations, withering, other odd looking things. They will go away if you do get them with the addition of nutrients.

    If you read up on Egypt as a example. With all the turmoil in that nation there farmers have not been able to obtain nutrients. As a result there could be famine. Its why Egypt is getting billions in Aid from the World Bank so they can bridge the gap and not have millions starve.

    Anyhow Nutrients are required at some point.

  10. Funny you would ask a question which means you desire a answer only to bash the ideas that were expressed. Why ask then?
  11. i never have, but sure u could. u wouldnt get much of a yeild, u should add to the soil(Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Earthworm castings)

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