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  1. Earlier when I started up my computer in the place where I usually have the status bar icon showing my internet signal strength there is now a little box I guess it is a computer with what I guess looks like a power cord lol with a red x through it. Usually this pops up for a moment while I'm connecting to the internet and then goes away. What does it mean?

    Thank ya.
  2. I think that means you have no internet connection via Ethernet. See pic

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  3. It just means you don't have a physical connection to the internet.
  4. Ahh thanks guys. But whats the difference? Cus my internet is working just fine...
    Im a tech n00b...
  5. It's just telling you you're not connected to the internet while your computer is trying to connect. The signal strength bars are basically the same symbol, except it changes because you have a wireless connection rather than ethernet.
  6. Ah ok I think I get it. But what would cause it to suddenly? Never happened before...
  7. you probably just never noticed it lol

  8. Could be windows updates. I've had icons randomly do different things after updates before. :p

    Or maybe you just never noticed it like Jumbo said. Who knows.

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