RANDOM QUESTION: If Kurt Cobain never died

Discussion in 'General' started by TranStarLexington, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. What would It be like?


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  2. The Foo Fighters would have never happened. Apparently Kurt wanted to do some acoustic, more mellow albums.

    Kurt would have cut his hair and grown old. Then again, even though he claimed to have hated being famous - he would have hated being forgotten, and fading out of the spotlight.. even more.
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  3. He was actually just hitting the top of his career. Very sad we couldn't enjoy him now and days.

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  4. Nirvana would still have been good fucking grunge. But it wouldn't be elevated to the legendary pedestal we place it on today.
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  5. Yeah, Kurt would be a fat slob right now. Courtney would be Courtney regardless of anything.
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  6. Pretty much.

    Man, I don't ever wanna age. .. fuck that / lol

  7. Of any of the dead greats like lennon or marley, along with the whole forever 27 group.... I would kill to hear them voice their opinions on todays shitty mainstream corporate bullshit.
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  8. I don't like to give musicians that much respect. They're just people, most of them shitty people.
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  9. Foo fighters would never happen, so strange to think about that. But I dont think nirvana would fade away, I believe it could be as famous as Foo Fighters.
  10. would have slipped into obscurity like the other grunges. But if layne never died at least his concerts would be great
  11. He would've offed himself eventually.
  12. Nirvana never had the chance to make a bad album. That had a huge impact on how they're perceived.

    Maybe the best thing that could have happened is that he would have divorced Courtney Love, and made a series of interesting albums that would have sold progressively less.

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