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  1. So i live in an apartment with my wife and im not allowed to grow anything because the wife wont let me. I really Just want to grow it because they look cool and it fascinates me. Thc plant or hemp.
    I thought about germinating a seed and just putting it in dirt somewhere in bushes in a random location so i could go there to check on it.
    Any ideas?
  2. :lmafoe:

    Im sorry bro.....i feel for ya.....I really do......but the chances of you pulling off a successful plant....and not getting caught...aren't in your favor...in my opinion

    Are you allowed to at least smoke it??.........SMH......."allowed"
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  3. If its just hemp cbd no one will care
  4. no one meaning your wife?
  5. No one meaning if i but it in a random place around other plants outside in a Random area
  6. I'm just gonna throw this out there....

    this is probably something you should figure out with you WIFE... lol

    "hey guys, any ideas how I can lie to my wife?" Yikes

    good luck buddy!
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  7. Give it a try......best thing that could happen is it grows and you come ahead with some premium
  8. this first sentence is so depressing lol
  9. Could people find out how the hemp plant got there? Like the cops?
  10. You're married??
  11. Look up single plant guerilla grow if you're serious about it, but of course cops can find out who put it there. Game cameras and all kinds of other ways. But there are ways if you have the balls to do it
    You'll probably have to ask the wife for them first though.
  12. The thing is. A CBD plant looks just like any other cannibis plant. So, unless someone test it they assume it's got THC.

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  13. you need to get rid of her and d what you want or find yourself someone who doesnt care

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