random pics i thought were worth sharing...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. im really fucking stoned right now. i smoked some bud earlier that was AWSOME and im fucked the fuck up.

    sorry admins if it belongs in picture post but since thee were storys behind them all i thought id post it here


    my friend and i still drinking from sat night... its 11am sunday morning :hippie:

    Both are my ex-girlfriends and they are cousins... its not as kinky as it sounds... 1 i was in love with and didnt get any sex... the other was more of a sex toy

    my friends ride.... it has an alpine touchscreen head unit, and 2 6 inch alpine screens in the head rests. has ps2, and a SICK system. it also has the balls to back it up. its a maxima turboed
  2. That car would be fun as hell to roll in...
  3. It would be illlll if he could get it reappholstered
  4. do you have pics of the engine bay?

    i like his maxima-Skyline conversion...haha, never crossed my mind
  5. daammmm... ur bud has a badass car man..

    u fucked ur cousin?? lol
  6. no i dont. he punched out the cat and took off the muff. sooooo loud espically with the exaust and 3" downpipe

    no the 2 girls are cousins. that type of thing inst accepted up here... but gay marriage is

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