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Random Phrases in Mind?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DookieBeanz, May 13, 2010.

  1. Anyone ever get really weird random phrases pop up in their head after they smoke? Like out of nowhere something like "chancellor of europe" or "stagnent pond water" will just appear out of nowhere and ill just think.. what the fuck? and start laughing. Hah i know this sounds crazy, but it happens to me every once in a while. Its know its not schizophrenia or anything, just something bizzare that pops up out of the blue occasionally. Anyone ever have that happen?:smoking:
  2. yeah, i always try to write these things down when i'm high but i always forget. always happens
  3. Not as crazy as your examples, but sometimes. They always apply to whatever I'm doing or the situation I'm in instead of something completely random.
  4. Charlie cloth
  5. Had one first time i got high years ago and still remember it. "Dick Blick Salad" no idea why that was the phrase but it stuck haha. and for some reason your "chancelor of europe" one was really funny to me haha i actually LOL'd when i read that haha good stuff man :hello:
  6. The phrases that come into my mind are usually from a random track I haven't heard in a while, certain fades tend to bring me back to certain moods and then I tend to remember old lyrics. *shrug*

    Ain't nothin I can post a big boy bail, If I don't make it probably go to big boy jail. He aint even like that tell ya mama chill, the way my folk kick it we can even pay ya mama's bills.
  7. Man I always get the most fucked up things like that. One time for like a month straight I kept seeing the word 'scrotum'. It was fuckin annoying.
  8. Ain't nothing but a g thang baaaaby
  9. Kitten Mittons!!!
  10. Same exact thing with me
  11. I like cheese.
  12. Hahahaha, i love that shit, you just start gigglin and peeps are like "haha wtf is johnny laughin about" then you try to explain but you just cant stop laughin.... Or when you blurt the phrase out... Just sittin there, music playin or something, then someones like.... fuckin birds on the pond man..... hahahahha
  13. Silicone breast implants are so obvious.

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