Random leaves drying !

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by scum_frog, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Something wierd is happening to my plants! I get random leaves drying and dying all of a sudden !!

    Any idea what could be the reason?

    Also one more question , how do you know it's time to switch to 12.12 light schedule?


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  2. Holy cow....
    Your root zone is seriously damaged.
    I see a compound problem here.
    First thing to do is flush those plants thoroughly. The pots they are in are on the small side and that allows buildups and fluctuations to happen pretty quickly.
    Next watering, use plain, clean water and make sure that at least half of the water drains away to waste, taking a large percentage of the buildup with it. I'm certain you will find the water that drains out will be all yellow and gross and smell really bad.

    Once that is done, let the plants recover at least to the next watering before doing anything else.
    Plan your future waterings to include a third of the water to wash through the pots so this buildup doesn't happen again.
    When the growth starts again (assuming we don't have to make further adjustments) begin the feeding regimen at 1/4 strength. Your roots will be a bit delicate for a few weeks.

    So, do a good flush, give them a few days and take some more pics for me to see if they are recovering.
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  3. The answer to your second question is a bit more complicated.
    It appears that you are using a bit on the minimum side of light. The internode distance of those plants is pretty large.
    This tells me that when you initiate the flowering stretch, they are going to pretty much double in height. If you can increase the light for flowering, you can reduce the stretch. It is possible to give them too much light, but you will have to work pretty hard.

    When growing from seed, flowering can be started once the leaf stems and branches switch from pairs to alternating. If you are working from a clone, it is already old enough.

    There are a few more things that reduce the stretch, but these plants are not healthy enough to start flowering.
    If you feel you are going to overgrow your space, start training the growth tips by gently bending them over and secure loosely with a twist tie or similar. If you need more explanation, we can go over that when the plants are ready.
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  4. Thanks a ton man, great to have someone with experience helping me.
    The one that got stretched is an autoflowering gorilla girl , which is almost double in height compared to the others (power plant ).

    Regarding the flushing , do you mean I keep running water in the pots which drains from the bottom until I get clean water draining out ?

    Again , can't thank you enough

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  5. You are most welcome....
    Exactly... As the soil bacteria uses up the ferts, it generates a form of "salt" that will eventually destroy your soil. By flushing EVERY watering, this problem is eliminated. Nutrients (different than ferts) can do this too, but it is usually much less as you aren't feeding the soil like you do with fertilizer.

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