Random lady next door screamed at & threatened me for weed smell

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    So I purchased my condo about a year and a half ago and after about 6 months the renters next door got evicted due to all my complaints against them for their excessive noise and fighting during quiet hours, and the owner had stopped by one day to discover the whole unit trashed while they were consuming/making hard drugs.

    The unit has been vacant for a while but about 4-6 months ago the owner hired some weird lady to fix and clean it up. This lady comes by multiple times a week and is extremely loud and just disrespectful. I work from home sometimes and on some days my sleep schedule is opposite of the norm; of course I don't expect her to know about or cater to my schedule but not once has she given a friendly warning of all the construction and loud phone calls she'd be doing all day, several days a week. She constantly parks in the fire lane instead of using one of the dozens of street parking spots. And a few months ago my father kindly asked her to remove the old tarp from their balcony because it's been shedding onto our porch, which we constantly have to clean up. She completely ignored him. Even though this lady has been pissing me off, there's nothing I can do about it so I've just let everything go.

    I smoke daily. And I strongly prefer flower. My parents live with me and they hate the smell so I'm very mindful of this; I smoke in my bedroom out of my window (which I keep cracked open almost constantly) and I only use a small pipe, it doesn't permeate the entire room like papers do. And I use Ozium religiously, especially towards the air vents because I know how much my parents don't want to smell it.

    All of a sudden earlier today when I literally took my first puff of the day, this lady rang my doorbell 3 times and I was so confused as to why she was there because she looked extremely angry via my Ring camera, so I just ignored her. Then she went up to her balcony and started screaming "I HOPE YOU CAN HEAR ME IN THERE, THAT MARIJUANA SMELL IS TOO MUCH." I peeked out my window and told her that it's completely legal in our state and I'm smoking it on my property, where I'm supposed to. She kept shouting and saying "it's too much it's too much, I turned on the AC and I could smell it all over the place" which is strange because I haven't smoked all week due to having a cold and I had only taken ONE hit OUT OF MY WINDOW before she started screaming at me. It also seemed like she was threatening me because a few times she shouted "we're gonna do something about you!!!" and I kept asking her what, and she just kept saying idk idk idk. I put my phone up to make it seem like I was recording her and she shut up and went inside quickly. Then she called someone, probably the owner, screaming for an hour about the smell.

    I just find this so bizarre and almost laughable because it's just like, what point was she trying to make? She doesn't own the condo nor live in it. She's been coming by for several months and as soon as I take one hit after a week of not smoking, NOW she wants to complain? I believe myself to be a considerate person, ESPECIALLY with my weed and the smell and my annoying coughing after taking big hits and just everything, because I know not everyone wants to deal with that crap. This whole situation honestly just makes me want to smoke even more out of pettiness and genuine anxiety after being screamed at through my bedroom window out of nowhere. I smoke weed to help with my depression and anxiety in the first place. She easily could've been nice and polite about it but she immediately came at me with so much aggression so now I just feel uncomfortable. I sent an email to my HOA about this whole thing but I'm not expecting a response or any assistance because they've rarely given me that in the past. They won't allow me to contact or meet with the owner of this condo.

    Has this sort of thing happened to any of you? What came out of it?
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  2. phone the land lord and bitch to him about his cleaning lady, then threaten to call the cops,
    let ya dad fix it ...to act as neutral grounds

    good luck
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    As I said at the end, the HOA refuses to give me the contact info of the owner and I've never seen them at the unit. And I'm a grown adult now so my dad would want me to handle this on my own, plus he's elderly and I don't want him dealing with this crap... And what would the cops even do?
  4. Record everything
    Do not engage anyone on the property
    Speak with a lawyer
    Having elderly parents living with you brings in the issue of elder abuse by the property owner next door depending on where you live
    Contact elder services and see what they have to say, they may even have free legal services
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  5. You sure you 2 aint married? ;) What would you like dear Abby to do? Ah the trials & tribulations of life. If shes a contractor doing a job hopefully she won't be there long. Maybe you 2 can find common ground &:apache: or have really good angry sex,LOL
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  6. Wtf does this even mean? Smh
  7. grown adults don't whine. :rolleyes:
  8. Lmfao whine? You’re telling me that if a random person started screaming and threatening you for smoking on your own property you wouldn’t be even slightly annoyed? If you’re gonna be weird and rude and unhelpful then maybe get off this thread..? Not sure what point you’re trying to make here
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  9. Wambulance en route hold tight. :lmafoe:
  10. Personally if I was in that position & my neighbour started shouting at me over weed I'd kick his ass:laughing:
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  11. U could also just avoid the drama by going outside to smoke :confused_2: my old neighbor used to constantly call the police on me/the landlords & they'd tell her she was crazy/ had mental health problems lmaoooooo, you could also be childish like me & play loud music aimed at them ect... They'll soon get bored of fucking with u lol
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  12. Play this with speakers facing the wall that the neighbor joins on to :metal::metal:
  13. cowboy up, nobody here can come over & TCB for you. Doesn't appear you r in the wrong so don't worry. How long does it take to fix/clean up a condo? Ignore her IMO. She makes loud phone calls & work related noise during work hours??????? Cops r gonna love to get involved in a petty matter like this, after all they have bigger crimes to deal with.
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    Can you show me where in my post it says that I'm expecting one of you to handle this for me? I literally asked if it's happened to anyone here and what came out of it, and you're making weird and rude comments for no reason. Gtfo.

    EDIT: I also never said anything about the cops so I'm not sure what you're on rn. Extremely bizarre behavior.
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  15. I already smoke out of my window so I feel like smoking outside on my porch wouldn't make a difference. My porch is also within public view which might be illegal. :/ I'm honestly just gonna keep doing what I'm doing and probably be petty back because I'm not doing anything wrong. Also I ended up talking to the landlord today and she was a fucking old decrepit idiot who refused to listen to anything I said so yeah, they can stay mad lmfao.

    EDIT: The landlord also said 2-3 times that I should smoke in my room and close the window LOL, not realizing what effect that would have on the air vents. Complete idiot I tell you lmao, her daughter was even there and laughing/shaking her head at her ridiculous mother
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  16. Back before the word "Karen" I believe the term "cunt" sufficed to describe whiny old fucks like her. Sounds like she can't really do anything about it so idk keep doing it and she'll give up eventually most likely but a really good solution so you don't need to hear her whine is to get a smoke buddy or some other carbon filter you can blow smoke through which will reduce most of the smell.

    Also bad idea to spray ozium when you're in a room as it's quite toxic to breathe in so only spray it if you're gonna be gone for at least an hour and air it out to be safe.
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  17. Thank you so much for the advice, I appreciate it more than you know! Also definitely agree with you on your first statement lol
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  18. I absolutely agree!!! I couldn't have said it better, I think. Ha... Funny, I've never had anything like that.
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  19. When the cops come remains calm and no wild gestures with the hands. Be polite, respectful and thank them for coming.

    let her mess things up for herself…especially if she is yelling at the police. they deal with that shit all day and they know

    if she keeps threatening you, call the police first and make an official report
  20. Ask her if she would like to smoke with you or just sit with you sometime and y’all can talk

    what’s the point of the fighting again???

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