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Random Indiana Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fal4cy, May 4, 2011.

  1. Not the best quality photo's, best I could do with my phone ha. not sure of any real strain names, everybody except for a few people around here are pretty much bullshitters.

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  2. looks nice

    tear it up
  3. i live all the way at the top of Indiana, in hammond i live about
    30mins from the chi, and usually i get pretty dank shyt. even my reggie is flame
    O's for the 80$ of dark green reggie with light orange hairs all over and it has a hint of dro smell to it 5$ a gram.. these are my prices how i get them im not trynna sell
  4. For sure man, there's some pretty nice stuff floatin around here. I'm near Ball state so there's a lot in that direction. Also only about ~30 min from Indianapolis the other direction, it's just finding the right people.
  5. o man i got stuck on the southshore in hammond about a month or two back...scary shit for a 18 yo white boy at like 11 pm riding his first ever train lol. there were some straight gangstas on my train even. i had to get off of my train and go to the hammond train station, where i had to wait for my ride!
    i even had my mac on me and shit.

    OP, that theres some nice bud. i get some good dank every once in a while from my guys. and it either comes from bloomington or chicago..(the only thing i see from ball state is molly lol)
    i wish i had that bud all the time.....
  6. Bloomington for sure has some real good bud, but that's about 2 hours away from me lol.

    I've been gettin some pretty decent deals. 300-320 an oz when my regular dude is on. Been a bit dry recently, but from what I hear it should be abundant soon, they just harvested! [whoever my guy is getting it from]

  7. ya it sucks that im leaving college and going home for the summer, there goes my dank times :(
    nobody in my hometown will buy dank, so i wont want to be buying in large quantities anymore :( :(
  8. What town is your hometown?
  9. Man your bud looks dank. Usually ive been paying 15 a g for dank. However recently ive met up with an old childhood friend and get 1.5 of platinum OG Kush... His brother is a caregiver.. Im in San Diego and are reggie is pretty good usually... I love San Diego
  10. damn thats crazy im from indy too, i get the exact same looking buds and got the exact same story yesterday from my guy that its dry but i called him today and he said there was plenty now. and for around the same prices lol.
  11. I rock the north west indiana dank too : )
  12. 219 represent
  13. 219 in the house!!!
  14. 765 here, sir. Ha
    Thanks for all the comments y'all! I'm pretty picky, if its completely dry I won't buy reggie, I'd rather not smoke than smoke mids lol.

    I just got word of a $400 bonus on my check, so hopefully I can find somebody with some good deals this weekend. My guy isn't good yet, here's crossin my fingers its cured in time ha.

  15. Haha, probably comin from the same place! You actual Indy or just close? I'm actually from Anderson
  16. hell yeah indiana.
  17. im from indianapolis and we csan get som ultra rad shit here
  18. It's not always easy for me man, I can't find consistency.
  19. Does anybody remember that old Ric Jilla song?

    [ame=]YouTube - Ric Jilla - pride of Indiana[/ame]
    I learned all of Indianas area codes from that a few years back lol

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