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Random idea to make edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Joe9090, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. So I was wondering of making edibles but in the infusing process instead of just using butter, adding in some water either while it's cooking or at the end before putting it in the fridge to separate potential unwanted side compounds into the water. Does that sound like a feasible idea? I have a feeling that most cannabinoids other than THC won't dissolve in water anyways but maybe there's other stuff that will?
  2. Yes. You are exactly right, plenty of people use this method

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  3. It's called washing, and you do it afterwards by mixing equal parts water and shaking the shit out of it. Once the butter or oil turns back solid in the fridge you can dump the water.

    Most people don't so this because it encourages mold growth and the butter/oil doesn't cook correctly on recipes once it's absorbed some water.

    If you don't like the flavor of your butter (I don't know anyone who does) look for a coconut oil recipe, it works as a butter substitute and tastes a million times better.
  4. Thanks! I feel oil should absorb less water than butter because butter already has some water in it. Also do you know if it actually increases the quality of the high?
  5. @Joe9090
    Just NO !!!
    Don't add water to canna oil. You'll just make a mess and waste weed. I've never seen it come out well.
    Decarb weed 240 F for 40 minutes.
    Add just enough coconut oil to make mud-sludge. Heat 220 F for 20, Freeze, Reheat and your done. Chow down.
    A little bit of hash
    Some oil and lecithin
    Making high grade canna oil is what I do.
    Same method weed or hash. Weed just isn't stomp your dick in the mud strong as this stuff is.

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  7. Thanks for the help! I had a couple questions if you didn't mind-
    1) Why only add enough oil to make it a sludge (it would make the oil more potent but would it still extract all the THC)?
    2) What's the purpose of adding lecithin (could you also add it with the oil when making edibles with weed)?
  8. @Joe9090
    Nothing worse then weak oil. Make it strong and dose accordingly. I do primarily hash and I've never run up against any perceived THC limit on what the oil can transfer or hold.
    Lecithin IMO acts as a doubler and kicks the coconut oil up a notch. I get more bang for a set amount of product. It's enough of an improvement that I won't make a batch without it.
    About 1/6th by volume is good. Soy or sunflower, Granules, Liquid or powder it all works.
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