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    So...I live in a really private, mountainous region and my backyard is brimming with lots of trees.

    As the title states, I would like to build myself a tree house...big enough to maybe hold four or so people.

    I just think it would obviously be a great place to smoke, hang out and chill.

    The only conflicts I see happening are: Getting blazed and making a stupid mistake (or...just making a stupid mistake) while climbing down the ladder from the tree house, thus risking the condition of my fragile body :/

    -on this note, Maybe I could make it so the tree house is high enough up but not insanely high up.

    Another conflict is money. I don't have a lot of it. And...how much god damn wood would I need to make this happen? o_O

    Anyone an expert on this? I figured I would ask. :) Thanks for taking the time to read... smoke on. :smoke:

    Edit: So far I feel even more prepared to build this thing...please keep suggestions rolling. :smoke:
  2. Or you could make it in several layers. So if you're afraid of falling you could just chill in the bottom level. But if you want to take in the view move up to the upper levels.
    I want a tree house now ):
  3. that's a really great suggestion. That brings up another added question, then...

    are there any particular awesome design ideas anyone might have?
  4. Don't worry so much about getting hurt once it's built, worry first about getting the thing built. First you want to make sure you have the best tree available. Then you have to get all of the wood, screws, and a lot of planning goes into it.
  5. You have to have one of those buckets attached to a rope to lift things up.
    And if it's roofed you should put a railing around the roof so you can sit out on the roof and star gaze :)
  6. I wish we good enough trees here to build a tree house. Where I live it's mostly bull pines (not good for supporting anything) and a bunch of other smaller trees. We do have sparatic redwoods, but have you ever got a redwood splinter? Neither have I, and I don't plan on it.
  7. Put a window unit air conditioner in that bitch! Also don't smoke too many joints and smash your finger with a hammer during construction
  8. you're gonna need some pretty thick baseboards. your best bet would be to find four pretty thick trees aligned almost, or closest to a square. so like, a tree in each corner.

    to get an ideal heighth, put the first floor a couple inches above how tall you are. say you're 5'10". make the floor 6' or maybe a little higher. use 4x4's. you can use anything as small as a 2x4, but the 4x would be safer. get at least, at least 5" screws. put the boards around the trees to form a square, so you have your base frame. make sure they're level.

    get some 2x4's, and cut them to the length of the inside of the base frame. so if you have a 10'x8' base, cut 8 2x's to ten feet. align them in the square center of every foot. once you have your floor supports in, put down some plywood. make sure it's cut perfect for your floor.

    next, you can either start making your wall frames, or move up the tree about ten feet and do the same thing. make another floor. in the sense that you only want one floor, the next floor will be your roof. but repeat. make the frame again, cut your 2x's so you have a floor/roof base. put some plywood down.

    now if you want to make it extra water proof, shingles wouldn't be a bad idea.

    but in the end, the designs and possibilities are endless. this does have some risk in it. be careful! if you do make this shit work, update, deffinitely.

    you can check out my fort if you would like. search for 'stonerfort'. we don't have any walls on ours, but we've got three stories about forty feet above a creek.

    it's a real sense of accomplishment if you succeed.
  9. i wouldnt mind bein a tree house.

    can i get a invite tho?

  10. I have a sweet treehouse in my backyard, it was proffessionally build and stable, its like a room of a house up in a tree.

    You don't need to worry about friends getting too baked and falling out, that will NOT happen, unless your drinking 40s lol.

    My treehouse has a trapdoor that we just close when we wanna hotbox. Treehouses: for the win.
  11. Make sure it's big, and put a a barbed wire barrier around the edges unless you want to be ass fucked by cougars and bears.
  12. [​IMG]

    my tree house is bigger than my real house [​IMG]
  13. In the woods behind my parents house my dad and I made a sick ass tree house. Ever since I was little I loved building things. It was pretty easy to make since me and my dad are both carpenters and he owns a construction company. Basically what we did was find trees that were in a circle like shape. We got 2 really thick base boards and cut them into the shape of the circle, we put them up and put wooden reinforcements under them. Once that was done we made a hatch in the middle and got a wooden latter running up to it. (The hatch can be closed and locked if I wanted.) Once that was done we started getting just normal plywood and put up walls connecting from tree to tree, we got 2 more thick baseboards and made a roof with reinforcements. We put a small latter on the side of the tree house that allowed access to the roof, and we put railings all around the roof. I think the whole thing was 10x8 (10ft wide all around and 8ft tall when you were standing inside it.) It was 15ft off the ground. I smoked in their countless times when I lived with my parents and was in high school. Next time I visit their house I'll take some pictures and put em up here, The thing was truly amazing.
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    :eek: That is one of the most amazing houses I've ever seen. Is that around your area? Or did you just look it up on Google?
    EDIT: Nvm I just found it on google images.

  15. Conflict one = Put a gymnast mat down at the bottom by the ladder, so even if you fall you'll be having a really good time, like so.


    Conflict two = You said you have a lot of trees in a mountainous area. Forge the wood yourself :hello:

    Only two tools you need


  16. This is so totally awesome because I have a perfect area for that... there are some smaller trees (in width) that make literally almost a complete circle, with the bottom being smaller and them branching out more as they get higher.

    I could nestle it right in there, however, I'm scared the branches wont be able to hold it...maybe I'm just underestimating the strength of trees...thanks, btw. All of this is helping.
  17. Thats why you make or buy these my friend.
    I don't know what to tell you about the tight money though, hopefully you can find somewhere that sells cheap, or you can go to construction sites at night and take some plywood. I did that when I was like 12 or 13 cause I didn't have any money for wood.
  18. I actually just found a treehouse in the back of my neighborhood while running (and smoking, but not at the same time). It was basically a series of platforms that had steps in between. It was safe, easy to climb, and the branches made for perfect toking shelter from both wind and neighbors. ;)
  19. Start small and add to it.
    a few wood palates and a rope ladder is a good start. Hell, look into a rope course rope bridge, u could use it as scaffolding.
  20. My buddies and I built a really badass tree fort. We used scrap wood and a bucket of nails from my old house so it was all free. It's supported by four trees and two big ass railroad ties. It's the best place to smoke and drink at but you have to be careful when you're drinking up there. I'll see if I can figure out how to get some pictures on here

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