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Random Highschool Drug Tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PineTreee, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I have a quick question about laws and schools. I turned in a random drug test permission form back in September of 2011 to do a Fall sport, and since then the sport has ended. I was wondering if they could still drug test me? If so, and I refuse they couldn't kick me off the team because the sport is already over, so what would be the consequence?:confused: Also I am not doing any extra curriculars now. I really wanna toke:smoking:, but I am still scared shitless of the random drug test screens. Any help, or past experience appreciated.
  2. they might not let you play the following season. but I'm pretty sure you can refuse, you just wont be able to play. I think drug tests are bull shit.
  3. most likely unless you go to a private school they won't test you, public schools don't wanna waste their time or money. As long as you use it as a recreational use outside of school and are not currently doing sports they can't do anything.
  4. Yeah, they are bs. I cant imagine being drug tested, I would look like a deer in the headlights lol
  5. they wont even think about testing u unless u give them a reason, if u get caught with a bunch of weed and say it isnt yours, they might suggest a test just to see if ure lieing, theyve done this to me before
  6. [quote name='"bubbs"']most likely unless you go to a private school they won't test you, public schools don't wanna waste their time or money. As long as you use it as a recreational use outside of school and are not currently doing sports they can't do anything.[/quote]

    You're wrong there bro. I know my high school loves to drug test us. Once or twice a month they test 3 guys and 3 girls from each grade. And OP, unless you're school normally drug tests the whole school then you might get tested. But if you just had to pass one to join sports and only the people who joined sports got tested you're good.
  7. In Canada hey do no such thing but Sam knowin something's the happen I the world. Looks like that book 1984 is gonna be known sooner than later.
  8. At the highschool I went to, you're in the sport class all year, so you're subject to drug testing all year long. It's most cases for most schools.
  9. your fine, blaze up!
  10. Wow, you had to sign a drug test form for your high school? Back when I went to HS (five years ago), I didn't have to for XC or track...

    But yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Usually those forms are meant more to scare people into not doing anything, most public schools just don't have the budget to spend on drug testing. If they did test, they might refuse to let you play next season, or make you take another test at the beginning of the season. I've never heard of a high school team testing in the off season, though.
  11. If the school tries to test you and you refuse, you will more than likely be expelled. Depending on your school, you might not even be tested. Find the form you signed and read it. If it says they can test you all year, than they can.

    My school picks 5 or 6 kids at random every month to test. Haven't been called down yet, and only one more term to go.

    Smoke away anyway, the odds of you being tested are small and you can get the thc out of your system in as little as three days if you work out and drink lots of water..
  12. same for me(football). smoke during the off-season, but only once(one session, not one day) a week. that way, you will only be "dirty" for 3-4 days. everybody at my school does it during off-season. also, only about 1 in 4 drug tests will be tested. so even if you are "dirty" at a test, you only have a 25% chance of being caught.

  13. My old school had the same drug test policy; if you do any school funded extracurricular, they can drug test you. Even if you ran trackfreshman year and your a senior now, they can test you. If you refuse they are going to call your parents or treat you as if you tested positive. If you have been randomly tested before and tested negative, I wouldn't worry about being tested again. If not I would go to the office and ask to repeal the form.
  14. that shit isn't cheap

    they won't test you unless they suspect you of something... they definitely aren't going to be "random"

    and since the sport is over I don't think they could force you to do anything anyway.. I guess they could always call your parents
  15. Guys, I do not think you will believe this irony! So today at school I got called down to the nurses office to get tested so I was like "Oh shit, I smoked last weekend!" I was thinking about smoking yesterday (Thursday) but I am soo glad I didn't! I ended up passing the test! I was so happy, now I can toke all day n night and not have to worry anymore. I praise God for this act of luck.

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