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Random Highs Even After Not Smoking For 3 Weeks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spoons1717, May 29, 2019.

  1. I’m a relatively inexperienced smoker. I’ve smoked maybe 10 times in the past year with friends, only once with a very bad high but I got over it fast with no problems after.

    Its been about 3.5 weeks since I last smoked... 2 days ago, the night before a pretty big event where I needed to speak, I got up from my computer and an absolutely massive high hit me. My movement was in shambles, it felt like I had been smoking for hours. I stayed calm though and played some games with friends for an hour or so and It went away no problem. It happened again after I went to sleep, I woke up around 2 and it came back at the full intensity as before. It lasted for around 5 hours and I couldnt go back to sleep because I was worried Id be high for my even the next day. The day of I was fine, just a little sleepy. I thought it was all over and that It was just my body releasing some of the THC stored in my fat cells, cause ive been losing a bunch of weight lately. Last night, the same thing happened again. Woke up at 2am, high as shit, ignored it, went to sleep, woke up again at 5am, high as shit, just waited it out for an hour or two. All in all I’m okay, i know im not going to die, its just absolutely obnoxious since for the next couple of days I have high intensity work to do and then I leave the country for 2 weeks.

    If anyone has experienced this before and know how long it will last, It would be great to hear from ya.
  2. THC is stored in your fat

    as the fat is used up so is the THC

    as a plus you have built bridges in your brain

    that too need to be flushed vitC is good

    I have used cheap beer and herbal sleeping tab(Valerian)

    but not at once for a good nights rest

  3. good to know about the tablets, any idea how long this could last if im not a consistent user? as im typing this now it hit me again about 5 minutes ago and im going out to dinner with my mom lol
  4. I stay high glad so glad won’t have to deal with this
  5. If you were a serious toker or even overweight it may last for some time

    for me I enjoy the flashes, tho annoying at times

    it just reminds me what I'm currently missing

    socially you can get by with a glass of wine in your hand

  6. A small pee pee would have little choice to go 'ballsdeep' ....bitch
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    Lmao that was good man. Just call me the clit bumper. Chick told me last night she felt more penetration scissoring another chick.
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  8. Are you telling us you got a massive high out of nowhere almost a month after the last time you smoked? Because if that's what you're saying, it's not the pot. Weed don't do that but your brain can. I know because I've dreamed I was high and when I woke during the dream I was still high for a few seconds until I completely woke up. Our minds can do about anything, I think yours is telling you smoking pot isn't something you should be doing.
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  9. I agree with @Cactus Ed ..
    I've been smoking for the last 10 years pretty regularly and can't remember something like what you described happening to me. The mind is powerful thing and maybe its telling you something else is up. THC is stored in fat, however it doesn't get "released" in the sense to make you high again.
    Just take it slow from here on out and see what else may be effecting you emotionally or mentally.
    Cheers! :wave:

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