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  1. Hey, not sure if this question fits here, but hopefully it does as I do have a gaming PC and somewhy that is relevant. (the monitor was bought for gaming and movie display purposes, although it's still small compared to modern standards, so I assume the specifications might be different in some way)

    Anyway, so I always used a desktop PC and 4 months ago I switched to a laptop as I went abroad to study, just returned for a few weeks and got back to my old PC and besides all the weird feelings after being used to a laptop, I noticed that the monitor is ridiculously saturated. Like the colors are so, so, so, so, so intense. And I saw that while I was sober as well, so it's definitely not the weed.

    I remember back when I bought the laptop that I thought something was wrong with the display - the colors were too grey or something I recall (and my PC monitor felt normal, so to say), so now that my eyes are no longer used to this monitor, it seems ridiculously intense. But what could this be as a result of? Is either of the displays low-quality, or they're simply different and my eyes, being used to one, are having a hard time with the other? Nowadays I don't feel like my laptop has less color like I did at the start, it seems just fine due to the eyes getting used to it (and making it feel like my laptop display is normal, while the PC monitor is not).
  2. Try adjusting the monitor. Google "calibrate monitor" and you'll find many images you can use to find "normal".
  3. I'm not sure if it's a calibration issue as it was the first thing I looked up back then to check if my laptop is working correctly. It didn't turn out anything unusual and I didn't end up finding any problems with the calibration etc., yet the two displays are massively different in what seems to be color saturation (to the point that some less usual colors can look pretty different - on PC they look very intense, on the laptop they look normal-ish, grey-ish).

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