Random guy gave me free weed/edibles!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by _OneLove_, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. so last night, a few friends of mine and i went to the MGM cuz theres a bar there we always go to to get $1 jello shots. well this guy was in front of us all drunk and asked my friend "are you guys in line?" and he was like "no man go ahead!" and random guy was like "hey do you guys smoke!?" and since i was wearing a low cut shirt he saw my tattoo (bud leaves and vines) and was like "here you go!" and handed me a lolipop and told me it was an edible. of course i was skeptical since that never happens, then he's like "here's a nug, too! straight from cali!" and i took it.

    it was awesome! the lolipop really was an edible! i could totally tell. and i have yet to smoke the nug but how often does that happen? anyone else ever experienced that?

    to whoever you are, random guy last night, thanks :)
  2. Wow bro talk about right place right time hahaha. Ive never had a random dude give me anything before haha.
  3. haha nice dude
  4. I was at a festival once where some random guy dressed as santa claus came by our camp and shouted "You guys wanna buy some weed", we were like meeeh (cus we already had tons), we did offer him a beer though, so he sat down with us and we ended up smoking everything he had for free.

    Good times :p
  5. Always nice to get free bud.

    Only time that's ever happened was some pot brownies my friends older brother "accidentally" gave me when I was 15ish.
  6. That's freakin awesome! How was the lolipop "high"?
  7. ha he was looking at ur boobs.i love free weed from homies. never had it from a stranger though.

  8. every time i eat edibles i just get "i wanna pass out" stoned so thats kinda how i felt. tasted pretty good tho :D
  9. What a kind fellow! We need more like him.
  10. Whenever I get a grow going Im gonna be one nice ma fucka haha. I mean shit if I have a lot why not? I mean think about it, that random dude made OPs day haha and will be remembered till the day he/she dies.

  11. i totally agree! :] i wanna do that to people too but im too paranoid to just walk up to someone and be like "want some weed?" cuz you neverrr know. im sure he saw my tattoo and knew it was ok to ask tho :p
  12. You meet the coolest people on the strip eh?

    I'm not much of a strip person.
  13. i was at the global marijuana march and some guy (who had a pizza) walked up and was like "you look like your a fucking awesome person, have some pizza and a bong rip". he had a crazy sick bong and some tasty good bud too, at least i think it was good, one hit is like a drop in the bucket at a weed march, but hey, im not complaining!
  14. i usually dont go down there either, only when my roommates and i have weekends off and have some extra money. plus fat tuesday's dollar jello shots are pretty unbeatable.

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