Random girl on the street asked for my facebook?

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  1. so i was skating around my neighborhood waiting for my friend to show up and 2 girls come up, one on rollerblades the other on a board and the one on the board gives me a smile and asks my name so i tell them and ask theirs and the one with the rollerblades kept telling the other one to keep walking and was getting pissed but the one with the board told her she'd catch up. She asked for my facebook gave me hers and they left, im gonna see if she's down to chill this week and hopefully she's DTF so we'll see how this goes. I just wanted to share because this is the first time a girl has actually approached ME lol. Im not even good looking either and i was all sweaty dirty and smelly haha.

  2. lol that's interesting...good luck with that! :ey:
  3. Good luck with the facebook whoore
  4. Glad you found a woman that's into dogs. Props.
  5. hell yea that just happened to me not long ago..some girls pulled up to me at a light and yelled to me that im hot..they were too young for me but I still had a big ole grin the rest of the day
  6. Facebook is a terrible way to get any relationship started... 
    Should of got the number.
  7. Have fun and post vids of it!
  8. I didn't really think of getting her number at the moment lol she was incredibly hot and i was just puzzled lol
    lol :laughing:
  10. Just make sure she's not underage.  They're going after older men these days, a LOT older, lol.  
  11. Goodluck buddy. 
  12. I can honestly say i've never asked a girl for her facebook, or had someone ask for mine. What is with kids these days. Get a phone number and call that broad like a normal person
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    I can't say I've ever asked anyone for their number over fb.  Fuck facebook...it was such a time waster, I deleted mine. 
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    Not even just on facebook. In person. I wouldn't try to pick someone up that I couldn't talk to face to face, and after that i'd prefer to have a voice interaction with them compared to texting. Just seems way more personal and inviting.  Haven't had a facebook for a few years, either.
    "social" networks are almost the exact opposite of that. Anti-social networks where people only care about getting likes on their own profiles and shit.
  15. It could have been that she does not know her number and honestly wanted to get to know you, or she could be really shy and prefers talking behind a screen.
    Either way, just get to know her and you can go on from there.
    All the best.
  17. this reminds me of this one time a guy at the library asked for my instagram... my fucking instagram really lol
    have fun op!
  18. Hell yeah, I realized I could be doing a lot better things with my time...like GC!
  19. Sounds like a nice experience OP!

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