Random female encounter need advice on how to approach..

Discussion in 'General' started by TankOne, May 29, 2009.

  1. SO i'm at AT&T getting my old razr turned on cuz someone smashed the window of my car last night and stole my eternity and this girl is working prob a 9 out of 10 way out of my league and prob 24-26 (im 19) she turns my phone on la di da bullshit then shes asks to see my phone types in a number (hers) and her phone rings she ignores the call hangs up passes me the razr and says have a nice day...

    now heres what im thinking usually dont they ask you to try and make a phone call? thats whats always happened to me but im thinking of sending her a text to see whats up but dont know how i should word it anyone got any decent ideas on a good appriach at this chick? shes fineeee
  2. That shit never happens man. Give her a call or text.
  3. Grow some balls and be a man!

  4. Sounds like a pretty clear signal to me man, I'd call her
  5. That's cool. I would def. text her or even see if she calls/texts you.
  6. But this is what im asking do they normally check to see if your phone works? cause ive only done this 1 other time and the dude told me to try myself but this chick just asked to see it and deff put her own number in so idk.
  7. Come on...

    Kramer gives you the gold thumb of approval.

  8. Text her!
  9. I would do it...

    Older women are the shit... Late twenty ftw.

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