Random dude smoked me out...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Whats with it these days, Jus this week two random people either sold or smoked bud with me.

    Well monday random dude driving down the street stopped and asked if i needed tree's and i bought off him and got another hookup.

    Then jus today. It was after adult ed got out i was chillin outside with a few people when a random dude i dont remeber seein walked up to me and asked me if i wanted to smoke a joint.

    I said sure when he showed me the bag.

    Well fuckin we smoked 2 joints between a few people up there then everyone left including him leaving me n this girl a joint to smoke. For nothing at all.

    I love that kinda shit.
  2. hmmm wish i seen those people just walkin around

    guess you were at the right place at the right time
  3. Hmm, sounds like me..lol, yeah on monday i was walking home from school with my 2 friends and there was this teenage cable gyuy, and he asked us if we had or wanted cable, and were like no. But then we walked away and im like hmm, he looks like a pothead, so iwent and asked if he wanted to smoke some pot with us and hes like "fuck yeah dude, i'm dry right now otherwise i'd be high as fuck". AFun shit dude, peace!
  4. Yeah man, i had something like that happen the other day.

    Out at a picnic bench at the park, smoking my spoon and some guy comes up, asks if he could use it real quick, and he ends up splitting like 5 bowls and then says thanks and walks off.

    Hahaha, i don't mind to help :D
  5. Gotta love random stuff like that :)
  6. wow, that's weird man, you're having a good series of fanciful/lucky events. just enjoy it man.
  7. Back in High school that used to happen to me alot. A cool free high:)
  8. Lots of random people get me high, but I typically know them all... I wish strangers would get me high :(
  9. That's hella cool and all homie. I don't mean to be a downer or anything like that but I've seen some of the police videos of the cops sellin green to random people on the streets... That one guy who strolled up in his car... I would of said no and walked away but, you are pretty damn ballsy; or just stupid :p

    Keep up the good karma! :smoke:
  10. ill smoke random people out sometimes but i usually ask for a ride to wendys afterwards
  11. hell yea that shit's tight...my roommate went home for today and tomorro and he left me a fat packed bowl of headies on the coffee table and said to have a good weekend...blazed it up with a couple friends who also had bud this mornin. Good shit. My other buddy just got off work and we're about to get a 30 pack of natty and maybe a bottle to pregame with before we go out later tonight...some other people will be comin by too to smoke/drink this evening. I love the summer.
  12. Yeah I was talkin' to a friend in the lobby of a String Cheese Incident show around here askin' him if he was coming and bringing his peice. And some dude overheard me and was like "You need a bowl??" I was like yeah and we matched 3 or 4 bowls with just the two of us in the parking lot.

    Ended up seeing him wayy later after the concert started and smoked with him again.
  13. Anybody notice i made this over a year ago, Lol.
  14. I had that happend a few times bro. Only time I can remember best was when we smoked someone else up.

    Way back when, we were 16, we were smokin in this old resteraunt that closed down, someone smashed in the window, so we started going in there and smoking up.

    It was cool as shit cause at the time we couldnt smoke in most of my friends house's at that time cause only a handful of my friend's parents didnt care at that age.

    So yeah inside we had fuckin 3 tables set up with like 9 chairs, we had a boom box in there for music, tagged the whole place up inside (which is fucked up I think now but oh well, back then I would tag anything, the side of my house lol).

    But yeah we smoking, and then we hear someone coming in through the broken door, I was like oh shit 5-0, and im ready to bounce out the back exit, turns out to be some indian asian lookin guy.

    Turned out he was on his way to Taco Bell for his work, and he usually smoked in here too since Taco Bell was right next door.

    We smoked 3 blunts all together, 2 of ours, 1 of his, was funny as fuck first time I smoked with a complete stranger.
  15. <- had no clue
  16. shittt that stuff never happens to me
    but my parents always told me not to
    smoke with strangers hahah
  17. Do you look like a total stoner? That may be why. Red eyes?
  18. The other day me and a couple friends went to pick up anouther frind at this country club hwere his girlfirend worked. they were closed when we got ther so we started blazing a blunt... on of the guys that worked there was walking to his car, and then started jokingly sniffing the air, so we yelled yo come hit this, and he did. After that we walked to the back and blazed with the peopel that worked there. There were like moms for kids that go to my old high school there and stuff smoking with us... haha it was so chill.
  19. that's tight.... just make sure you "pay if forward"....
  20. i smoke random people out all the time. it feels great and i always make a friend out of it. just last week i smoked out 18 different people in 3 different seessions. i only knew about half of em. just think about how great it feels when someone smokes you out and youll want to do it for other people.

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