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Random Drug Tests - Do companies typically follow through?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by psithur, Oct 12, 2010.

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    I have a job interview at a hotel soon. I don't believe it is a large chain because I've never heard of it before. I will refrain from referring to it by name in order to cover my ass.

    On their website, it states they conduct pre-employment testing (no problem due to the fact I've been abstaining in preparation) and random drug testing (fuuuuuck).

    My question is this: in your experience, do companies usually follow through with random drug testing, or is it more of a threat to keep "lazy stoners" out, saving "precious time?" I would rather not have to abstain from everyone's favorite herb for what is most likely a minimum wage job, also stifling the Fourth Amendment in the process.

    My apologies if this question has been asked and answered before, or if this thread is in the wrong section. I've searched all over this wonderful site for answers to no avail, and I figured seasoned tokers would be the best place for this question. :)

    Stay toasty, my friends.
  2. This is a difficult question to ask, personally Ive worked for companies who said we do "random" ua's and none of them ever did. Unless you had an on the job injury or some shit. Some companies will be very strict and do them though, its a risk you gotta be willing to take. Best advice I can give you is if you get the job talk to some people that have been there awhile and see whats up, see if they actually do it.
  3. Yeah, I realize no one can really answer my question unless I state what company it is, its location, etc. I'm just curious as to whether companies in general are just using scare tactics. I don't want to be paranoid for no reason.

    Luckily, I doubt I'll ever get injured at a hotel. So if it's for suspicion, I'm fairly sure I'm in the clear. :p

    Thanks though, appreciate your help. :D

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