Random Drug Testing Bill for U.K schools

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by heat_blitz, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Tony Blair yesterday passed a bill to start random drug testing and introduce police sniffer dogs in schools across the U.K.

    It would be up to the headteacher to decide whether to introduce the shemes into their school.

    Appropriate consent would be needed from either the parent or child to go ahead with a test.

    If students where found positive they would be offered treatment rather than be penalised.

    Annoying isnt it! im just lucky im one of the students that has told thier parents they smoke adn they dotn mind. Im gonna be sorry for others though.
  2. they already used to do that at my boarding school a couple of years ago.

    i got expelled for weed, but a friend of mine was allowed to stay as long as he had random tests.
  3. Yeh i heard about that, Im quite scared about it now cause my headteacher is a fucking bitch.
  4. Left school

    aint particuly bothered, but my girls still at school(last year) she's bricking it....

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