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Random drug testing at my new job...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MasterBlaster82, Feb 16, 2013.

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    hey all, i bumped an older thread several times and got no response, so ill start a new one. i was hired for a job that i knew would be subjecting me to a pre employment drug screen(DOT-LabCorp), so i quit smoking weed for a month, and passed. im about 5'10ish, 140 pounds, FAST metabolism, work out regularly, + the job requires me to walk 3-6 miles per day, so yes, im very active. the dude who trained me was very cool, and told me straight up "dont smoke weed anymore if u want this job, ive only been working here 9 months and Ive been randomed twice already."

    Thus far ive heeded to his advice. but i miss smoking very much. i do not do any heavy drugs, at all. i dont even drink. after a long days work all i want to do is hit my bong and i cant :( ive done much research on the subject, please do not flame or argue with me over this. im well versed with internet exploration and honostly havent found much. ive heard mostly about QuickFix and various other kinds of synthetic urine, however 50% are good the other half...not so much.

    i do not want to risk losing my job, but i need to smoke once and a while. i have no problem carrying a small bottle of fake piss with me to work everyday. i just need something reliable. no ones life is at stake with my job i assure all of you, i do not drive a bus filled with civilians or drive big rigs hauling a meter reader to ensure people accurate heating bills...all i want to do is get high on the weekends.

    someone who works at a job that conducts random drug screens/tests, and continues to smoke marijuana. please talk to me and share your knowledge with me.
  2. Whether you can get away with it all depends on how they test you. What tests do they use? The run of the mill 5 panels? Are you watched closely or do you have complete privacy? If all else fails, wear a black wizzinator to work everyday
  3. thats the thing, ive only been working there about 2 months now. so im not sure what kind of randoms they do, since it was a DOT pre employment, wont it most likely be a DOT random? as a safety precaution, i will not smoke anything until i get my first random, and probably smoke that night lol, also a black whizzinator would be a terrible idea, as im caucasion.
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  4. I'm no physician but if you're 140 lbs and above 18 years old isn't that bad?
  5. Yeah I guess you just gotta wait. Sometimes their more lenient on randoms because they don't think you have the time to prep.
  6. doubtful, i feel great. minus the whole not being able to get high thing.
  7. Just smoke the weekend after the randoms. Dont forget the good ones are expensive so they wont do them back to back. But it is still risky and not worth losing a good job over. But if you do make sure you get high as fuck on the weekends after the tests haha
  8. you're above eighteen and only 10 stone?, eat a sandwich or build muscle/fat, you really need to get it seen to and dude why carry piss around, just smoke and if you fail say it's 2nd hand smoke? works for me
  9. yeah i was planning on doing pretty much that. i agree its not worth losing my career, but im saying, there has to be guys in my field that smoke weed, even truck drivers who likely get randomed more than me still smoke the fuck do they do it?!...
  10. so u have a job that conducts randoms, and when you fail, you blame it on second hand smoke, and havent gotten fired?
  11. If I were you I would wait until the next time they test you and smoke right after, that's going off of they most likely won't test you back to back. We have a similar body make up and I'm able to get clean in 2 weeks but I also used niacin. (Yes I know they're tons controversy on whether this works or not but it worked for me, that's all I'm saying)
  12. i agree, they likely will not test me back to back, so for now, im actually looking forward to my random drug test lol.but like i said. after i get the random and am familiar with the procedure, what if i was to carry quickfix with me to work everyday. does anyone do this?
  13. Well keep in mind you need to bring quick fix and a way to keep it warm. And a heating pad a day can get a bit pricey
  14. QuickFix will work just fine. All you have to do is microwave it for 10secs and then wrap the included heating pad around it. If you live in NY state hit up a Wegmans, if not you might be able to find a grocery store with an inconspicuous microwave. If not hit up a McDonalds or Wendys. Take a look at the cashiers and find the one who clearly smokes, then just ask them to nuke it for you real quick, I'm sure they'd have no prob helping a fellow stoner out.
  15. Im in the same situation. I have been randomed twice. They only send off the regular in home test to the lab if it comes back positive. Im jw does quick fix really work?

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