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Random drug test facility

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MoonBased, May 4, 2011.

  1. anyone else here work at a place where they do "Random" drug tests??

    now i love weed, but i don't need it to love life.

    starting a new job this monday, im thinking to just stop smoking for a month or two while i build a good reputation at this new job with the supervisors and coworkers and when the coast is clear bake on weekends again. what really tipped me off was he (supervisor) told me this in kind of privet, "we do random drug tests here and if you come up positive, we let you go on questions asked." he might try to trick me into thinking im in the clear without a test for 6 months but then give me a "Random" test after i have worked there for a while.

    i use to bake daily, i have slowed it down to weekend (much better high and my head is clear during the week). i work out during the week as much as i can and drink plenty of water/Gatorade... im slim and have a very fast metabolism and low body fat, i was told i need to eat 5 meals a day if i ever want to gain weight (6'3-145/150).

    i don't want to give them any reason to test me, so im obviously not going to show up at work baked and i try to look sharp and clean at all times, but it is "RANDOM" :rolleyes:. im thinking of keeping synthetic urine in my car (as last resort)... its getting hot in SoCal so keeping it around 80 degrees is not an issue.

    how do some of you that work a facility that does random tests deal with it? is there some sort of weekend detox routine that can be arranged?

    not planing on smoking heavy... maybe good 2-3 hits off a joint on a Friday or Sat night.
  2. You basically have the right idea. You either don't smoke or if you smoke you need to have synthetic urine in your car. Some hand warmers too. Once you make some friends there though you might find out this guy was just giving you shit. good luck man.

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