Random cravings during straight edge period

Discussion in 'General' started by redeyeasian, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. I'm spending summer in a country where there's no weed available, so I havent smoked weed for a month and a half til now. For the past 6 months before I stopped I have smoked at least once a day.
    I have heard about the vivid, intense dreams you have after quitting habitual smoking, and I definitely noticed how I started to remember my dreams way more often than usual.
    I have also had dreams where I smoked weed probably 5 times now, and especially after the last dream I had, gave me a strong mood of wanting(which is a bit different from a short craving) to smoke weed during the entire day. It's not really a huge problem for me, but still, it makes me wonder if I have developed an addiction for it somehow and I wanna hear other's similar experiences.
  2. If you have an addiction to something you know it.
  3. You've been afflicted by 30 hit points reefer madness.

    Take this incantations of "putyourmindateasechild" speak them loudly and clearly to a level 21 healer and pay her 10 shrivels.

    You'll be fine.
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