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    just a place to shoot the shit about general things relating to our love: fine automobiles.
    i'll start with a funny craigslist "missed connections" post i found the other day:
    "i see you every time i drive through augusta to visit friends. i know you're not perfect, but the chrome makes up for the dented hood, and when i see you i catch glimpses of the two of us carving up backroads with the windows down and smoke billowing out the window. you must have accrued some mileage by now, but i don't care as long as you were taken care of."
    edit - i liked it so much because it was about an e12, the first generation 5 series. and i know the car the individual is talking about.

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    What is that, a Beamer? I personally love the looks of M series BMW's, but I feel like they lack in straight up hauling ass in a line (based off my comparison of vehicles in forza lol). Of course, I always prefer 90's Japanese cars myself.
  3. not a beamer, a bimmer. beamers are bmw motorcycles, bimmers are bmw cars.
    straight line fast is boring, and takes little skill comparatively in my opinion.
    this is an e12, M535i. equivalent of the following generations' M5's.
    i like bmw because they don't just throw a "big" engine into a chassis and call it good. the m10 four cylinder in my '84 318i dates to the 60's, just tuned and fuel injected - and it has features that domestic automotive companies didn't start using regularly until the 90's. i've owned three e30's ('84-'91 3 series) and its a great chassis. and one of the things i love most about bmw is that almost all their cars were designed to have a straight six in it, optional or not. and with an engine bay that spacious, you can fit almost anything under the hood.
  4. im buying a '91 Prelude this weekend!
  5. i was offered a turbo accord coupe for my 318i.
    i was almost considering it before i saw a picture of it, complete with body kit and hood scoop.
  6. Nice you can make this look really good...slammed of course.
    4ws too huh ?
    Not that they ever work.
  7. naw. no 4WS. this model is an ALB packages.. means it came with a spoiler and an ABS system. the original engine was a B21A1, and when Honda made this engine, it was pretty much a bored B20, but with carbon fiber in the cylinder walls. and after high miles when the cylinder walls erode, it will expose some of the carbon fiber and eat up the piston rings leading to excess oil consumption. but the owner swapped a rebuilt B20A5 with the B21 head. its all stock except that. i dont plan on doing anything to it. maybe lower it a bit in a few years. there isnt much aftermarket support for the old B20/21 engines. pretty much any 4X100 bolt pattern wheel will fit too... lots of options.
  8. What are these pistons? Rings? And cylinder walls? You speak of? So foreign to me haha..
    Good car tho. Your not missing out on 4ws either so don't worry haha. I'm not much for front wheel drive but those preludes and 4th gen celicas always make me think twice.
    4x100 will definitely help your wallet on wheels too. Soooooooo many choices
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    BMW = Black Mans Wish
    Just fuck'n with ya! :bolt:
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    (than you)
  12. [​IMG]
    i wanna hear it run so bad.
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    They're simply not engineered to be driven the same way one would drive a muscle car. German design philosophy traditionally emphasizes balancing the vehicle's power, weight, and handling characteristics to produce cars that are adept on Europe's narrow, winding roads. It should be said though, that BMW's early homologation experiments were, for their time, venerable machines-the 3.0CSL, 2002 Turbo, and E30 M3 punched well above their weight-class both on and off road and when the M5 debuted in '85, the only faster car (excluding exotics) on German roads was the 911.
    Their non-M counterparts also serve as excellent platforms for modification and, in my opinion, extremely fun cars to drive.
    And then, there was that time in the early eighties when the chaps at Porsche, Audi, Lancia, Renault, and Peugeot collectively lost their damn minds and ignited something of an arms race resulting in some of the most brilliant racing cars ever produced. It was awesome until too many people were injured/killed and the FIA disolved the class (which gave rise to Group A in which Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru excelled).  
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    I'm not trying to hate on handling, if my forum name doesn't give away what car I used to have then Idk what to tell you hah. I just think bimmers are like a cross between muscle and Japanese cars. I'd rather tune up a tuner than try to tune up a bimmer, sure they're impressive vehicles but parts are expensive, most are automatic these days (rich people can't drive?- also why I hate most modern cars, where's the sport if you ain't sporting a clutch?) and if I wanted handling and power in one car, I'd still go Japanese.
    For the same reason I'll never own a Porsche, I'll never own a bimmer. Too much $$$ for too little power comparatively to what you can do with cheaper vehicles. (Yes, I still wish I could have a Porsche... Here's to the 944 turbo? :p) It's kinda like that scene in the first F&F movie, where what's his face (that shitty actor that people were actually worked up over when he died?) trashed that ferrari in his tuned up Supra. Except I would never sexually molest a supra like they did....
    Also I'm no car expert, I just really feel BMW and most german muscle is so damn middle of the road. And I mean, I do daydream of a day where I could own an m3 from the early 2000's. But it's way down on my list of cars I'd like to own, at like #10.
  15. I can already tell you, it sounds like a horny bumble bee :p
    since this is the only thing not based in opinion, i'll bite.
    parts for any of the three e30's i've owned ('86 325e, '90 325i, '94 318i) haven't been any more expensive than parts for my '92 civic.
    i think ferrari makes some of the coolest sounding engines, this being a twin-turbo v8 its gonna be sweet.
  17. Well I'm sure for older series BMW's it's better. I just love Jap cars too much. And I'd go muscle before Euro. Meh. I liked that for me to get a replacement transmission in my old 240, it woulda been like 300. My friend replaced his 03 mustang gt trans, it was 2000 bucks....
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    Doesn't help your wallet if you're RWD and love fat asses...
    errr, I had 4x114 I think. lol.
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    No worries, I didn't mean to come off as argumentative-I'm just a classic Euro nerd. With a handful of exceptions, later-model cars (BMWs particularly) don't interest me nearly as much as their older relatives.
    The Japanese have certainly built their fair share of great cars. I wouldn't hesitate to place the 2000GT among the best looking sports cars of all time.

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