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Random bursts of thc

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by just one toke, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. It seems like occasionally ill get these random bursts of high when I'm not smoking and it happens most often when I quit after heavy use. For example I quit after smoking a couple times a day on Tuesday and today I was sitting in class and all of a sudden I just felt a really light buzz, like I had taken 1 hit or maybe less, just enough to notice. The only thing I noticed is I had gotten really hot right before and had to take layers off, so maybe it has to do with body temp/perspiration?

    Anyone else get this? And sometimes I'll get it when I exercise too but that might just be me mixing up the exercise high
  2. I used to hear people say that breathing heavy (exercising) would release old thc that was deep in your lungs. Never looked into it so I have no clue i get that feeling sometimes the next day after an all day sesh
  3. no. drugs have a half life. you are not getting high days later magically because there is no thc as you know it in your body. only inactive metabolites.
  4. Ever had your blood sugar monitored???
    Hypoglycemia...low blood sugar. ( not related to pot )
    pure horse shit myth...if fat ass would toke up all winter and then diet all spring and relax... :smoking: 
    imagine the pot expense for half the year, just diet and exercise to get high...
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    Yea i didn't think it was true i just thought id mention it and get some other input on it. Yes we only smoke in the winter and then run in the summer!
  7. Your fat is releasing it back into your bloodstream

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  8. This happens to me about once every week. Its just normal lol. It happens when I have smoked in a day or two.

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  9. Ya I figured it was something like that
    naa.pure can't burn fat fast enough to get any effect...
    nope...myth...check that blood sugar level though...
    it dips low, you feel hot, light headed, maybe nauseous and feel tired, and it is when you haven't been eating on a regular schedule, or snacking as accustomed to?
  11. Maybe in the bloodstream but like the other guy said I figured some might get trapped in your fat or something
  12. I could see this being true. My cousin that has diabetes says he feels sort of high in a way when his glucose is low
    red is in the family so you may have troubles with it.
    this is a medical FACT not myth.
  14. I don't know. My friend told me that it happen and this is what causes it

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  15. We really dont understand everything about our endocanabinoid system as well, could just be your body naturally replenishing your canabinoids.

    We should get some billionaire high and get them to fund research into these questions :p
  16. yeah, inactive metabolites are stored in your fat. what you are suggesting just doesnt happen in any way. this is well researched and documented stuff people.
  17. One thing is forsure, the endocannabinoid system is spread out through the body, and is not just limited too the brain. Food for though

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  18. T

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    your friend is full of shit....sorry but that is the truth.
    implying what, that pot (or the thc/cbd) does something it doesn't?
    lets see...
    ...are you a LEO, an anti mj/mmj zealot church group member...we don't know who you really are...FOOD FOR THOUGHT...

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