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    So this girl was basically a girlfriend and she had to leave town so pretty much things ended.

    Just today she shows up with this guy who is "just a friend" and strait up hugs me for supper long. My roommate asked me when I walked upstairs, "did you have sex with her?" I didn't reply."Haha you totally did" I actually did though and she was crazy in love with me at one point. I did treat her well though and helped her through some stuff.

    When she leaves she says, "next time I am in the area I will let you know and she gives me this look like she wanted to fuck me. I don't know. Shit keeps happening like this.

    There was a reason she hit me up today and that was to see me. How should I respond if she hits me up. She is good looking and she is a cute girl.
  2. Throw her a bone.
  3. Tell her u wants to have de fuk huh??
  5. sHE showed up where? just how random was this appearance?
  6. Give her herpes.

    Then she'll always have a reason to remember you when times get tough :smoke:
  7. Get her pregnant
    lmfao Yall got this girl all fucked up
  9. lets do the opposite.
  10. crazy mofos on here...just crazy
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Demolish that ass

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