Rand Paul Says He’Ll Fight The Nsa In The Supreme Court

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  1. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/09/rand-paul-says-hell-fight-the-nsa-in-the-supreme-court/
    Hell yeah I'll sign up for a class action lawsuit!!!

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    I will as well but unfortunately the Federal Courts as they do in military matters defer ever getting involved usually. Even if its a absurd thing happening. Then they have lately shown a preference for the state over the individual or on issues dealing with that they probably won't even accept it on the docket. 
    We are in a unique spot the last ten years. The liberals like archaic mummy head Diane Feinstein who is the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee agrees with it then most of the powerful conservatives like Senator Gramm love it. 
    Then the courts all seem to be the same regardless of what side of the spectrum there on. Its very odd and damming since if you do not agree with this stuff your trapped because those who agree with it surround you. 
    Whats funny and I am glad since I can't stand the guy but I bet every person not believing in this stuff or a sizable percentage voted for Obama in 2008. HAHAHA tricks on you suckers!!! Hes GW on steroids. Then he is a Constitutional Professor LOLOLOL. It literally is the irony of ironies. To vote someone in where its not a question of how he felt about it but on the record more times then any of us can count then to do totally the reverse of it.
    Its so good I could not even make this shit up.
    There is no hope my friends. We have to ride this sucker out till next year in the off elections, get out there support who you want and try to pick up some Senate seats and House. Then 2016.
    Then like a giant collection of alzheimer's patients well punch the ballot for Hillary probably if she runs since America has a obsession with the Clintons. She for certain shares the view that all of this is ok, but like everyone that runs and like the mindless fucktards that we are we will believe her!!! Then we will be dismayed again, then in what 2020 well vote her ass in office again. 
    Enjoy my friends enjoy. All you can do is smoke some good OG Kush and relax. 
  3. Good luck with that

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    It is entirely legal, and here is why. They are not listening to conversations, they are simply tracking where calls go in order to more easily identify, using software to pick out the locations they are most interested in. Which translates into parts of the world where terrorism is rampant. Those of us who love this nation and who are truly law abiding citizens dont give one fuck because we have no reason to, it effects us none. Want to know how it goes down? Because I know of someone who actually was approached due to these programs and all they do is come ask you some questions. After all, there is a very real possibility given the part of world one may be calling that they are involved in terrorism. All we are doing is checking locations and investigating, get off your high horse before it gets people killed. 
    These programs have been around for a while now, I am very surprised you all are just finding out about them. They were no massive secret, I learned they had technology like that watching the history channel and shit. They are just pissed the media started telling the more ignorant of you what is going on, and that they are telling you to be up-in-arms over this. Just my thought.
    If you want to be mad and sue someone, let it be the phone companies. They are the ones who should be scared.
  5. 0.o

    Your waaaaaaaay behind on the powers of the nsa knowledge

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    Well theres that rule of thought, but today there was yet another NSA leak on a another program which is called Boundless Informant. There is also right now a giant search for whoever is leaking this information as well. Good luck to him. I suspect should they find him he will never leave whatever hole they put him in. 
    Anyhow Boundless Informant is a program and the screen shots were released as well. It shows a world map with colored coded countries. Hot Red means a mass amount of information is being collected. Cold nothing. Places like Africa and such are pretty cold. 
    Well the cool thing is if you click on a country then the metric data comes up and wether or not information collected has any correlation. There getting all of this information from the place that your saying does not look into the data. How does one get metrics or correlations without data mining. You can't . 
    In actuality this stuff has not been around forever. Head over to Wired Magizines website wired.com. They put the article that was the cover story of a issue back up. I linked in case you can't find it. Apparently pre Sept 11 the NSA was on its knees. Late 90's Terror attacks, USS Cole, then Sept 11 they stoped none of it. After that Bush gave them a huge sum of money and they proceded to create something that is on parallel with the creation of the Nuclear Bomb. 
    It has two key components. A massive server center in Utah where the entirety of the internet is duplicated and pumped into that facility. This place is so big it makes Googles server farms look stupid. They have a 65 megawatt coal plant on site to power it. It goes through 2 million gallons of water to cool the place. Jump over to Oak Ridge Tenn. They moved in there and built the mother of all Super Computers. Apparently encryption contrary to popular belief and Hollywood has stumped them the high level stuff. They collect alot of data but much of it just sits in storage. Apparently they had some breakthrough Cypto wise, Mathmatically wise to allow them to break anything. To do it they built a computer so fast that the measurement for speed had not been coined yet. If they admitted its existance it would be the fastest computer ever made and faster then anything that currently or in the future is on the drawing board. 
    The whole purpose of it is to make a time line of ever human on earth. The idea is they type your name in and everything is capture not simply the phone call you made but the convo. When you logged into you bank last night the packets of data that made the visual representation of what you see is captured. So they can literally pull up the website in its entireity to see what you were looking at at what time. 
    So you do that but whats interesting is everybody you digitally connect to then branches off to there file so they can see the whole web of who you know. Im not talking simple things but they can basically hit a play button and watch the characters I am typing right now pop up as though they are doing it. 
    Now to there defense if one is going to do this you either have all the information or none of it. Well according to officals who talked to Wired there was alot of discussion but in the end NSA top dogs trumped everyone. Its either 100% or it never will work. So people in the NSA came up with a idea to help make this legal. No one uses the information gathered and to speed things up develop a electronic approval by a FISA court. Shot down. NSA wants to be able to do this instantly. 
    Facebook knowing your life is one thing, the Feds with idiots like Nancy P and Feinstein running amok is another. 
    So I take it I am supposed to just accept what a President who works for the people and answers to the people said the other day? He basically said what you conveyed.....Its nothing folks, were not using it next question...
  7. I just bought some plastic cups and string.

    Lets see them wiretap me now

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  8. Rand "attention whore" Paul can not be taken seriously about anything. I have my doubts about the validity of his birth cert. Ron should be whacking one off into a cup and getting Rand to do the same.
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    Firstly the telephone companies are not scared. Under Bush to agree to facilitating all of this Congress passed a law giving them retroactive immunity and all future immunity to the issue. If anything that will just be removed if you were to do anything. 
    Thats quite insulting to state and generalize that to love my country I have to submit to this. I have spent my entire ENTIRE adult life in service to my country in the Marine Corp and now in the Defense Industry. I don't support it...not worried I am a target but its troubling because its a slippery slope to never never land. Each year brings something new, tweak some things put the right people in power that are insane and you have point of no return eventually. Were about 1/4 of the way there. 
    The statement of being a "Truly Law Abiding Citizen" What does that mean. Not adhering to the views of my government does not mean I am not a law abiding citizen. Are you? I'd wager you smoke cannabis. Your committing a Federal Felony. 
    Heres a great clip of Captain Picard explaining such a moral dilemma! Its short watch it. All things can be solved from Picard's wisdom! This whole issue is paralleled in that short clip. 
  10. How do I add +REP with the new functions? Because you sir are in the need of some. Infact after reading that, this dab is for you.
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    The guy has had years to challenge the nsa/patriot act in court, and now he wants to do it because the media told us what [some of] us already knew? Fuck Rand Paul and his horseshit.

    @trixman22 they took rep function away.
    Yeah, fuck Washington.
    This will really fool them:
  13. Yeah, fuck Washington.

    This will really fool them:

    We got so many pidgeons. They probly wouldn't even notice if terrorists started using.messenger pidgeons lol

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  14. What we all should do in mass...I wish some popular Radio personality or TV talking head should recommend is that we all randomly all day text keywords about all the crazy things there looking for. Flood your Facebooks with it. Get on the phone with people and talk about it. That way the whole dam system lights up like a Xmas tree but to keep the effort up so they literally are bogged down with thousands of man hours a week of figuring out whats real or not. 
    I thought of that when I read a article on how the Scientologist's got there Tax Exemption Status. There leader David Miscavage came up with the idea of launching thousands of lawsuits. Apparently in the early 90s they had over 2000 lawsuits in most of the states. Most of them bogus but it forced the IRS to pay money to defend it in court. After a short while the IRS's entire legal budget was gone and they had to pay for it out of there general budget. They did not even have money for various official travel.  The IRS Chief in 1993 or 1994 met with there loon leader and they dropped all lawsuits instantly for Tax Exemption. 
    Lets do the same with the goons in DC!!! 
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    I am not a die hard fan of anyone not of his but how does one fight when he was just elected in 2011? Before that from 2007 to then he ran his own medical clinic. Before that he worked in the private sector as a Doctor I believe. 
    Our Senate works on seniority mixed with who you are. Not all Senators are equals. You would be surprised junior Senators tend to be on senseless sub committees to get there feet wet and usually have pathetic offices until they gain some credibility and experience. 
    In politics you pick the battles you can win, ones that have support and you wait for the opportunity when it arises. Thats how we all operate in real life. Politicians are no different. If he had brought this issue up last year it would of had no coverage, exposure or traction. It only has now because of recent events. Americans have the attention span of a retarded gnat. You have to time things to get them to jump on the bandwagon or they lose interest since honey bo bo calls them. 
    Also dont expect this to go away. Whoever is leaking this is leaking this to the Guardian in the UK because if it was American Press the goons would of silenced them. Rumors are that the Guardian intends to publish many more leaks on the whole dam thing. 
    This thing like the IRS scandal has legs. Now is the time to fight since the dam has a breach. You don't fight when the dam is sturdy. Whats funny is the Congress literally has the entire year booked up on hearings. You got the IRS scandal hearing, you have the HHS scandal hearing coming up, Bengazi hearing coming up, then this NSA BS will be a hearing. 
    Whats great is the one who is most guilty is a lame duck President effective today. All of this will be a firewall from any legislation that he wants from going anywhere. It takes a while for Americans to slouch off a elected leader but when it happens they never recover. Carter, Bush Sr and the last term of GW are good examples. It will be his legacy. You usually remember the last thing the President did not the first or middle. Clinton is forever marred by Monica. Obama's paranoia about conservatives, his obsession with spying on his fellow citizens will be most likely what we remember him for. 
    If this is the case, then I don't see how he's going to accomplish this since he is still a jr. senator. Just seems like a lot of posturing for a 2016 presidential run to me. 
    It is useless regardless. The government simply does not give two shits about our privacy. 
    Where do a man's loyalties lie when he'll lie for loyalty?
    I'm not sure what that means, but Rand Paul wouldn't make a pimple on his father's ass.
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    I didn't think it was esoteric at all.....
    You're right about that though, Rand is no Ron, Ron Paul had character and dignity. Rand Paul seems happy and eager to jump through hoops to attain that power.
    My point by the way was that his loyalties are to himself, and he'll pretend to support anything to gain power.
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    Damn that is the next quote for my signature. 

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